Soldier leveling weapons help

I have seen the guide but I want to know good weapons for a new level 30 soldier. Right now I have an E Beamer and an Eradicator XCI-52. Should I look for other weapons?

You might want to look into a Neutrino Flash. You may already be able to equip it, or else within a few levels, and it’s a great weapon until at least level 60. It drops from Steps of Madness, which is pretty hard at your level, but unlike the subway or temple, it has no level lock so you can ask a high level friend to help you :blush:

Thank you I’m new and haven’t seen many players running around. I have subbed on the RK server not the 2019 server. Would love to find a friendly Org.

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I’d recommend joining the official discord then :blush: It’s a good place to meet other players and ask questions.