Except for silenced weapons, which do i upgrade using weapon parts?

I play on hard, Iron mutant mode, and my whole campaign failed, so i have to start over.
i was looking on youtube, and saw a couple of high-tech weapons i hadn’t found yet, and it made me think - should i hold off on upgrading rambinos, boomsticks, and such.

after i upgraded my silent weapons, i did upgrade a couple of other weapons to level 2 - it made a big difference in somefights.

Any thoughts on this? should i hold off on upgrading non-silent weapons, until i find the high-tech guns?
feel free to tell me of any maps where i can get a hold of high-tech weapons that are unguarded :wink:

Did you get your third silent weapon? You can get it as soon as you’re able to do the fight with Chief Husse at the crashed airplane. That’s something else for you to spend upgrades on that will be useful in a lot of stealth takedowns.

There’s a fantastic laser gun that you can get once you can take down the zone dog queen on the south road out of the Iron Serpent. You can find it by searching in that location that’s just go south, east then south. They show how to get it by sneaking around in this video.

Yeah for the the silencer, as well as that lader gun. Thanks for the advice thought :blush:


i uppgraded all 4 then is was no time to uppgrad anything ells untill the game ended.

All four silencer? Meaning you buy the second crossbow? Or there is another gun?

The poster mentioned in another thread they bought the second crossbow so they don’t have to constantly swap back and forth when switching squad members.

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Yes i buy the secon crossbow, more or less the best thing in the store. To bad it was not 5 silent gun in the game.

never bought it. and good thing i didnt- ended up buying a level 3 ray gun. totally worth it :slight_smile: