What are you spending all your scrap on?

I’m in the low 20s for level and have just gotten my fourth stalker. I play on Very Hard with Iron Mutant turned off.

What I’m wondering is, what are people spending all their scrap on, anyway? I’ve read complaints from people wanting to be able to sell items you don’t need for scrap. While i don’t disagree with that, I’ve never found being low on scrap to be an issue.

I’m thinking maybe people didn’t pay for the store discount and aren’t exploring the different locations as much as I do. I tediously scour the whole thing, often avoiding the actual mission content and just wandering around in the trees. And I go to all the high level zones, skirting around the enemies and snapping up all the loot I can. There’s a LOT of chests out there you can get by either finding them totally unguarded, or only guarded by a patrolling unit so you can sneak in and grab it.

I really only use my loot to buy medkits (due to no auto-healing in VH). Have probably bought maybe two frag grenades and two emp grenades. Also bought the pipe gun at the very start of the game. But that’s pretty much it.

im playing hard mode so mostly medpacks, only way to keep the HP up when you cant eat outside combat.

Then the x-bow and weppon upgrads

Okay, yeah, that makes me think people aren’t exploring as much as I am. I have plenty of weapon attachments and never bought a single one. And a third silent weapon (that has the same dmg as the crossbow but higher crit % and more ammo for only 2 less range) is available from a battle you can fairly easily do if you’re to the level the crossbow in the shop unlocks. Unless it unlocks much earlier in Hard than Very Hard, I guess.

Yes i know but its nice to have a 4th silient so you dont have to swap every time you change caracter. only for the 5th caracter …

I sort of see that, but wouldn’t it be a waste of gun parts you could use elsewhere? I can’t see upgrading TWO crossbows to level III just for convenience sake.

No need to upgrad any other gunns untill you get the realy good ones after rambino.

After all every caracter only need one loude and one silent gun.

No, I agree with you. There is literally no reason to buy the second crossbow from the shop, just for convenience’s sake. If it were another silenced pistol or upgraded to lvl 3 already, I’d see the use. But the way it is, not so much. I’d recommend removing it from the shop in favor of a silenced pistol.

Or just have both so all 5 caracter can have ther one silent.

After all its a rol play game bace game so its fels bad to remove the silent pistol and x-bow from ther oner all the time, The first X-bow belongs to Duck no one ells…

And still no reasont to have 2 noysy guns on a caracter anyway.

I equip two noisy guns when I’m about to go into a full-scale battle. There’s no point in doing the silent weapons at that point. So I like have a secondary weapon that does more damage than the silents ever can do. It’s helpful for the times when you run out of ammo on the primary and you want to be able to move and shoot in the same turn.

well mosr mobs was able to put out one at the time and just stand and relode and shoot was quite effectiv, and if nothing to shoot at relode bothe weppon and overvatch after was quite effectiv.

i did not se any Point to uppgrade noysy weppon untill enclave weppon was founded but that was endgame time so was no time to do.

was fun to do the fall back tackticks to.

Well, I finally got to level 50, and now I know what everyone is (or wants to be) spending their scrap on. :sob:

How I wish I’d played more conservatively and scrimped and saved every penny. I had so much I just played a bit sloppy and bought medkits, when I could have probably avoided it.

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You can find the same gun in the zone, except at tier I, but 90 weapon parts are not that hard to come by. And I never felt the need to have two Mimir snipers. (I found snipers in this game to be vastly inferior to assault rifles. trading 3 magazine for 6 range, without improved damage output is a ridiculously bad deal)
So I agree it is a good way to spend scrap as not much else is too exciting in the shop, but you don’t miss out that much.
Actually, the top tier scope that becomes available (I think) at the same level is a better purchase imo.

Who says I only want one of them. :smiley:

But yeah, I was also talking about the scope. So sweet.

Its all about whay tactic you thing is the most fun, dont have to be the best just fun. And how mutch you love to move stuff betwean caracters around.

I love sniping. :sunglasses:

I bought some weapon crit mods to grand 100% crit during ambush with height advantage.
As not familiar with the mechanic at that time, I spent some on medic kits during middle game.
Then at late game, I bought a heavy sniper rifle.

I spend my scrap on the Red Eye mod, Mimir Scope, Mimir armor, level 3 GJR, Chem Flares and Grenades. Only buy Medkits, EMP and Smoke Grenades if you run out. Pyro Armor for flexibility. Stalker Vest and Crossbow for the sake of RP. Maybe a couple Ancient Sight mods for your shotguns and a Green Eye or two for anything else.

I’m not sure I get the “Pyro armor for flexibility” point. Fire is so weak in this game - mostly just an annoyance. Medkits both put out fires and heal you up, and cost a fraction of that. Plus you can medkit and shoot in the same round, which is what you’ll be doing a lot of the time anyway. I ditched the pyro armor as soon as I got armor with better shield/health stats. I just never had a situation where it was all that important.

I do no damage playthroughs so having two Stalkers able to ignore a Pyro helps with flexibility.

On my casual run I didn’t spent scrap at all, it’s just not that useful. However for the route I have for the speedrun we buy an early hand grenade so we have three for the Fallen Angel fight and can kill off most the map in that one small area on the first turn with grenade spam.
Then we buy a pipe gun so I can steal Farrow’s gun since everything else gets dismantled and the pipe gun isn’t worth dismantling.
(Also I once bought a safety EMP)