When you clear a zone, does it ever respawn? (scrap, enemies, etc.)

Just wanted to know if there’s a set limit on scrap you can find? I’m about 20th level, about to leave the sea titans zone and don’t have enough scrap to buy first aid kits. Can I go back to a previous zone and find more scrap, enemies, etc.?

Unfortunately, that is not the case.

So how do you get enough scrap to buy what you need? I’ve scoured each zone I’ve been in and am not getting enough scrap and weapons parts to keep me up and running.

It’s hard to know what “enough scrap” is for you. What are you buying and how often? And are you exploring thoroughly enough to not miss zones? Are you thoroughly exploring even zones with high level enemies, by sneaking by and between them?

I am fully exploring each and every zone as I encounter it naturally. The only one uncleared so far is the one with the level 55 ghouls near the beginning of the game. Consumables cost scrap, weapon upgrades cost parts, therefore scrap & parts should be somewhat open ended, NOT a set amount per screen that never respawns. I’m finding it difficult to keep stocked on first aid kits and grenades, and paying to upgrade my weapons. Heading to higher level zones is like robbing Peter to pay Paul, because I’m going to need that scrap later when I encounter that zone naturally.

I finished the game without having to buy any consumables. The ones you find in the zone were largely sufficient.
This is on normal difficulty, mind you, I imagine that consumables might be more necessary on higher difficulties.
But you should have around 900 total collected scrap by the end of the game, so that is enough for 20+ medpacs/nades.

Also, weapon parts are in sufficient amount to upgrade three silent weapons to tier 3, three high end weapons to tier 3, and a great deal of intermediary weapons (boomstick and rambino) to tier 2 in the meantime, provided you dismantle weapons you don’t need anymore.

There is absolutely no need for grinding in the current balance of the game.

Hard difficulty and I managed it. Don’t feel you HAVE to complete every fight. Use consumables VERY sparingly. Think about which combination of characters and mutations you need for each encounter … Don’t be affraid to let a character bleed out. They will revive at the end of a fight unless you are on permadeath. Often you can jump forward a level and find a few higher level characters you can stunlock and attack with silent weapons without alerting anyone else, which are easier to tackle than lower level groups. Kill them, level up, upgrade etc, go back to the harder fights in previous levels when you feel able.

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Bromin’s “Hog Rush” is very useful for stunlocking lone opponents and taking out “Brothers”. Selma’s “Tree hugger” can hold groups of enemies at bay, especially good against melee only opponents like Zone dogs. Magnus’s Pupeteer is great for handling Tanks, turning them into bullet sponges whilst mowing down an enemy or two. And so on …

Very hard, only needed medkits and weapon level upgrades.
I did every area 100% thou. And Recycled the weapons I didn’t need.
The game seems to Have set ways to do things with very little alternatives that work without repercussions.
Also, make sure your making use of the eat organics abilities as it makes the game easier.