Tip for new gyy


just got the game today, really liking it.

first off, where can i find a silencer for borman? it seems like that should be first order of business.

Any other advice for a noob :)?

please and thank you!

Silencer, you can find a silenced pistol in the Fallen Angel map

Advice. Ambush and upgrading silent weapons.

Go back to areas that were locked sneak around a bit and find another silenced weapon. You also migh unlock another crossbow in the shop.

Also, after reaching the Ark, you can go into the Scraplands to the South. Even though the enemies there will be too strong at that point, you can sneak around and find a +2Armor, +4Health vest in a chest by the train wreck, amongst other things you can pick up in this zone without engaging an enemy.

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5 tips for new players:

  1. Take it slow: When you come to a new map, take your time to walk around and scope out the terrain and number of enemies you’ll face. The key to player Road to Eden is planning, so take it slow, explore, and think ahead.
  2. Quiet is best: Turning off your flashlight will allow you to sneak around without being discovered. This lets you set up ambushes against isolated enemies, hopefully without alerting everyone else in the area. Silent weapons are your friends in the early stages of the game. Use them as much as possible!
  3. No one dies in the wimp zone: Always remember to take cover during combat so you’re protected against enemies. Anyone not behind cover is easy pickings for the Zone Ghouls and other creatures.
  4. Return to the Ark often: The Ark is your home in the Zone. Here you can upgrade your equipment, buy new gear and unlock team skills. It’s a good idea to often travel back to the Ark to see what’s available to you. It might make the difference between life and death in your next combat encounter.
  5. Check every corner: As you travel through the Zone you should check every nook and cranny for hidden scrap, weapon parts, new equipment and other goodies. You never know what you might find!
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My bet is on a helmet that says: “Wearer is immune to critical hits.”

Thanks everyone for great advice. i am currently in the cave of fears… we’ll see how it goes :stuck_out_tongue: - managed to find some equipment in those higher level zones, and got the silencer from fallen angel.

Loving the game^^

Two more tips from me:
Hog rush mutations might be used to make silent kills, it gives you one more round of shots. Without alerting anyone.
Keep the two sileced pistols even if you have second crosbow. With a crosbow you can not use the double shot mutation to silenly kill enemies with a lot of health, with pistol you can.

That was amazing advice, i didn’t even think of that :open_mouth: - thanks!