Weapon parts not consumed

Playing on PC, just got to the Ark for the first time with 33 Weapon parts and a couple of mods for weapons. The screen states the cost for the upgrade (30 Weapon Parts in my case). However, after upgrading the spent weapon parts are not subtracted from my balance. That doesn’t seem right.

Restarted the game to see if it was a glitch, but there was no difference.

That definitely sounds like a bug. Are you able to upgrade a second weapon after you’ve upgraded the first one?

Yes, upgraded both the crossbow with the scope upgrade and the Gaper with the Damage upgrade with only 33 Weapon Parts in the bank. And still have them in the bank.

Any word on this? Admit it’s not a game breaking bug but it makes the game a lot easier unintentionally.

When you say you upgraded the “crossbow with the scope upgrade”, I feel like we’re not talking about the same thing. You can attach scopes and damage mods to weapons, but that’s not upgrading them. The upgrades are levels I, II and III at the bottom of the screen for each weapon. Upgrading to II costs 30 weapon parts and to III costs 60.

Are you saying that attaching doesn’t cost anything? In that case there is another bug.

When I enter the Ark with less than 30 WP but with the mods I found I can not attach them due to not having enough weapon parts.
When I do have the 30 WP I can attach all the mods I have in inventory. The cost is never deducted from my balance. Maybe it’s better to provide images of what is happening.

  1. Before upgrading anything

  2. After attaching one mod

Please note that my amount of weapon parts has not changed. To make this clearer I attached a second mod to another gun.

Again note the amount of weapon parts in my inventory. I have a hard time believing this is working as intended.

Just tried to attach mods with less than 30 Weapon Parts and that is possible, so I stand corrected. I also verified that upgrading indeed clears the balance.

To conclude is it safe to say attaching anything is free, but upgrading mods cost money? I’d imagine Delta would charge you something but ok, I can live with that.

Yes, attaching/detaching is free. Because you’ll be doing it a lot. A LOT. :wink:

Ok. Then it’s not a bug but rather something I missed. Thanks!