[Soldier] Returning player



I have played ao quite some time ago and due to nostalgia decided to start playing again. I have a new ac with a fresh soldier lvl-ing up (payed).
My questions are as followed:

  1. Is soli or atrox better late game for end game pvm?
  2. Is the new awakened beast full armor better then the old defensive setup (stack aad /evades all over)?
  3. Due to the removal of the nano shutdown during AMS and the two new healing nanos+beast CH. Can soldiers now solo a lot more content? For examples can soldiers solo a zodiac? Like shades do?

Ty and Ps. what the hell is wrong with the prices? Do people got uber rich. How can they afford the insane prices? 300 mil a ice golem molar? 500 mil a low lvl artillery symbiant?


I can’t answer everything as it’s been a while for me as well, but I’ll offer what I can and hopefully, other people can pitch in the gaps.

  1. Breed is always a bit nebulous for AO since there tend to be trade-offs. That said, without getting way too deep into not answering your question - Atrox will, more or less, perform better in a complete endgame loadout, but it will take considerably more work to get them there than a Solitus. Alphas on Atrox are a pain in the ■■■.

  2. I’m not as certain on this one, but looking over the Awakened beast set I can’t imagine wanting to use the full set for PvM. In spite of it offering up a really nice CH, you’re also taking a lot of pieces which don’t provide much in order to get it. I’m pretty sure a solid mix of armors would be your best bet. Dustbrigade Operative armor has a number of really solid pieces, you might want to slot in some combined where there are gaps in the operative set, and the upgraded combined helmet is always a go-to. Others could probably give you a better idea of a solid endgame soldier set, but I’d just offer that there are a lot of dud pieces in the awakened set.

  3. No idea, I’m useless here.

As to your last question, the economy has been even more distorted recently than ever before. There have been a massive number of duping issues that were unresolved and the economy has been hyperinflated. AO has always had abysmally bad inflation, but the combination of a smaller player base and an abundance of credits has made even basic items difficult to obtain. That said, many symbs have been expensive for ages at different level ranges for twinks.

I can’t say for certain, but in my experience, if someone is asking for 300m for an ice golem molar I’d just ignore it. There are plenty of folks who ask for nothing or a pittance (a few mil). Usually just tends to be a matter of keeping an eye on LFT and the various bots to see when one’s selling.


Hi and welcome back to AO. Are you omni, clan or neutral?


Going omni for more side xp :joy:. Also I used to be omni. So I’m used with the gardens on that side


Also WB! I’m pleased to see you started a SOLDIER topic.

I always go with Soli. (but I do have a couple low level trox soldiers–froob)

For paid armor I stick with OFAB.

Fraid I can’t answer #3 since I don’t really play my Soldier as much though he’s 220 and he got there mostly by soloing regular RK missions but that was 2006-ish maybe '07. I.e., pre-AMS nano shutdown.

The best way to get the symbs is farm the pocket boss patterns and sell them or kill the boss for the symbs.


The answer to all of this is pretty much that there’s a small number of folk with a lot of creds, which does strangely enough trickle down to others… in price. (Heh.) This is best seen in the price of the molar, as plenty of times someone will pay the crystal, pop it and then advertise on one bot or another that there are FFA molars. Whether this is a symptom or a cure, I’ve no idea.

Low level artillery symbiant, though, that’s hard to answer since – what’s a low ql symbiant? Moronic? Running? Either way, I agree, the pricings are off. (But that said, maybe it’s a good opportunity to start a pattern matching club.)

Most of the people getting ingame rich are already rich ingame, and with high level toons and/or RL money to pay for Grace to sell. Some, however, are industrious.


^ This entire post, actually.


I farm the low level symbs that drop as symbs from the croaker bosses in the Crip cave and Two mountains, and from the dragon bosses & mhali whoosies in the Core. QL level that I will loot is Sleeping which sell consistently. I don’t bother grabbing any below that unless it’s Brain or Eye. Sluggish QL sells fast. I’ve gotten a few “Dispirited” support brains and even a “lulled” arty ear & right arm.

My take in many many hours of doing this is out of say, 100 boss kills, 40 will drop Neglectful or lower, 40 drop Sleeping or higher and the remaining 20 will be all over the map but hopefully a couple-three Sluggish and not too many Moronics.

Pricing: Depends totally on what the market is doing. For the longest time I was putting up everything except eyes or brains at 100k. nowadays it’s more like 500k to 1m. Eyes & Brains 5m-ish. (sold a sleeping support brain last week for 5)

The low level pattern pieces from those bosses make excellent shopfood.