Achaenan Conqueror - Beast!

I wanted to use Achaean Conqueror right when it was introduced. First I equipped it on my soldier and made setup for MAX add damage (bracers, armor, HUD items, rings ect.) Soldier was gimped in terms of survivability, but it became lovely damage dealer. Achaean does regular 9k+ bursts in SL mobs (highest burst was 11500!) has fast FA and Brurst recharge and incredible crits around 6k. Standing on 3400 AR.

Then I got that crazy idea to put it on my engineer. Well, first of all, reaching FA requirements was PITA but with help of Equalizers and their towers+contract it was possible.

As you know, eng doesn’t have HW as well as no FA perks. Having 2550 AR is just enough to hit targets in SL, but Achaean relies heavy on weapon cap AR so overall damage is much lower than on my soldier. Yet still does impressive 7k+ bursts with 5k crits. FA recharge is 19 seconds. But to reach FA and damage add I had to gimp my HP dramatically, making this setup rather glass cannon. Still, I really love it - since 90% of my hunting is on RK, having initial strike at 25k is something I really love!

At this moment, this s my favourite weapon in-game!


This is by far one of the coolest weapons in the game. Props for straying off the beaten path and using it!


This sounds like a super fun setup :blush: Nice work!

I’ve tried it with +Add damage and Crit set up on soldier, and I would not recommend it.

While it is easy to equip a lot of the Assault Rifle and Heavy Artillery perk attacks are locked to Assault Rifle.

You will have less AR than an Assault Rifle set up and perk attacks will underperform. Same gear set up Assault Rifle does better and with enough +crit it can even match SMG soldier DD which significantly outperforms the Achean Conqueror.

Good gun in theory, very underwhelming in practice for Soldier.