Suggestions: A bit of everthing i would love to see

Beast ch is strong enough. Awak Burden shouldnt give 100 Ar. Before that u had arround 20 ar in a back slot. Nerfing that armor helps to see changes there. I mean its pure add all off. Even -100 Ar would make still others wearing it for the ch. There must be a bigger downside then only the items you have to equipp like gloves to enable the beast ch. Its to strong right now. That +100 Ar is the reason why this Set is allowing to shift away from Ofab /ai armor

There is right now no difference between blue and yellow hold hell at bay. Add 200 nr + some runspeed on the blue one. So people wont use the nieche to wear that one with the kyr ozch protection ring.

Improve healoutput by Ma(in no zazen) and advy a bit: Currently fights go really long and the hp increased a lot in the last years. To fit the heals more to the max hp there is currently there should be a little tweaking on this aspect. (Team Matrix of Ka has still to high reqs btw. 1700 BM SI would be enough to make it hard to cast. This would allow fex ma to wear the inc belt. right now you need the trickle from apf belt. )

Lower Zazen debuffs.

Oblitarete (Spiritual Master Last perk) has been useless since years. You never use it. The hp req destroys that perk. Without it would be to strong. Make it a complete new one or give adjust the dmg + cast time so it wont be to strong.

Brawler Perks: To hard to land Change off or checks

Dead Eye (pistol Mastery) way to slow

Double Shot require quick shot to run. Remove that req pls its just annoying

Malpractice: Give it a debuff again or give the old version back (prefering the last) since the LE procs + ubt got nerfed so hard it should be in the right place as it was pre change

Give Ma and MP Bow Spec Buff on their Bow nanos. Atm nobody can buff Bow Spec

Enfs need pvp love: 2 things might be great: Make mongo work in pvp as it does in Totw 3 and/or make them beeing able to use 1hb + 1he perks again. Atm you dont see any enf pvp anymore at all. They have no spot in the current pvp scene since everbody have just way too much hp. They have no alpha power to fight against that. I personally would give them both changes and then see where it goes and honestly think that it wont be too much buffs if you gave them both.


Why is in so many items MAX Hp Then body def? Yes healdelta ticks would be bigger but with all the max hp you dont have really high differences between the profs. Trox was the Hp breed to go to. Atm you can go solitus have it way easier to skill and equipp and maybe have the same hp cause as trox you need to gimp yourself sometimes for items not to go OE. And even if you dont have to, the difference is 1-2k? I feel choosing a breed must have more influence then ai perks + nanomage absorb