Solid code vs New Content?

Can you please build a bring body up function or something, its really frustrating when you spends “days” making mats & on your way to using them some Mammoth charges you down out of nowhere and when you get back to your body its just not reachable.

I brought this came a couple weeks ago and was so interested I brought the Aqualonean DLC the day it came out, but now here I am a few days later actually loosing hope in the game.

I really like this game and want to keep playing but as long as people are loosing days of play time over bugs that should of been fixed prerelease there’s no point in releasing new content.

There’s only so many time’s a reasonable person would put up with these kind of push back and if you would like to maintain your customer base I’d recommended reconsidering your development schedule.

I am really impressed with this game but right now, I’m going to do something else.

One sad customer

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You can survive getting into pretty much any hole you can get knocked into, you just have to master climbing up/down. If you’re on a private server you can also ask an admin to assist you.

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