Solo/CoOP Play Question

Does the person who created the game have to be online in order for everybody to play?

PVP is to toxic to play and PvE farming is dreadful.

I’ve never played a CoOp game, but that is correct to my understanding. Pretty sure the savegame files for the CoOp game reside only on the computer that hosted the game. If you want anyone of your crew to be able to log in at any time, renting a private server may be what you need instead.

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Thanks for the input!

I’ve been playing for a long time to Coop and that is correct, if the problem is that your friends can’t connect because you’re off, then just choose the one that is more time online instead of renting a private server (if you can’t)

I play Solo/Co-op on PC, which may behave differently than PS4 regarding the number of players. Here is how Co-op worked for me on PC: PC allows only one guest. There is no multi-guest option.

  • The Player inviting the friend/guest is the host.
  • The host must be online and in the game before inviting the guest.
  • If the host leaves the game, crashes or logs out, the guest will get a disconnection and must be invited into the game again.
  • The guest can leave the game without the host being disconnected.
  • The guest cannot be in the hosted game without the host being logged in.
  • The guest cannot access the game without being invited by a logged in host.
  • The game will be played on the host’s database and saved to the host’s database.
  • The guest can play a Single play or host a Co-op on their own database without disturbing the other games hosted by other players.
  • When a host goes into Single play (Solo) their guest will remain in the game in an unconscious pose.
  • The game can be played by the host as a Solo mode but all changes will remain should the host invite the guest back into the game.
  • If the host plays the database without the guest, the host will advance in levels and the guest will not. This would give the host an unbalanced advantage over the guest in a PvP situation.
  • When hosting a Co-op, there is a tether line that keeps host and guest close together. (This is done for performance reasons and can be adjusted in the settings but cannot be removed.)
  • If the host and the guest get too far apart, the game will either prevent the players from moving away from one another or it will port the guest to the host.
  • If the guest dies, the character will port to the host’s location.
  • If the host dies, the characters of the guest and the host will port to whichever location is chosen by the host to return to upon death. (Even if the guest doesn’t die, they get ported out of dungeons or back to the hosts location.)
  • Everything in the hosted game belongs to the host. The guest cannot take anything to their own database and cannot deny the host access to any of the game items.
  • If the host starts a new game that results in a new database, the guest’s character and items will no longer be. (They exist in the old database but not the new one.)

Hosting a Co-op is fun, but it is not the same as playing on a server with groups. There are limitations and oddities not found on private or official servers. The host owns the database and controls everything in the admin settings.

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On PS4 you can play solo offline but you must be online to enable coop mode. Think about it 2 mns. How could you invite someone else in your game if you’re offline ?

I meant would they still be able to access the game? Everybody above seemed to understand the question.