Co-op games with friends PS4

Total noob here…
Is it totally worth it to play co-op with friends, or is the server rental option too much of a hassle?
I just want to farm and occasionally have a purge.

Purge is broken atm, needs fixing. And do realize that playing coop means that you are tethered to your other players. The tether distance isn’t all too big of a problem but it prevents all players from roaming the world apart from each other. But for coop you don’t need to rent a server, that said i do suggest it tho. The private server set up depends a bit where you rent them but most of them have tools to set up s server. And with a private server you eliminate all the tethering issues and don’t have to be confronted with the grieving on official servers.

Thank you, your info is very helpful. Too bad about the purge being down, but I’m sure someone is working on that. Being tethered to your buddies in co-op play is not that big a deal. We’ll be farming most of the time anyway. Thanks!

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