(solved) Stuck with the achievement "Not as easy as it sounds"

Achievement, Accomplishment, “Not as easy as it sounds”, gives title “Humble Bragger”.

We have talked to the npc inside the Shadow of Vanaheim:
Shieldmaiden Ylva.

(text deleted, solved it, and below are the questlines you need):

The dialog with her:

  1. I battled and banished the Grim Grey God, a deity of extreme power.

  2. I raided Atzel’s fort, beheading the Bandit King and ending his reign.

  3. I defeated Zaal, the powerful and evil Arch Priest of Nergal.

  4. I slew Leviathus, a malicious and powerful celestial being.

  5. I entered the liar of the demon-dragon Vistrix, killing it at the request of King Conan.

  6. I infiltrated the Amphitheatre of Karatonia, slaying the Devourer demon and freeing the Frostfather.

  7. I defeated Thoth-Amon, tyrant of Kheshatta and longtime enemy of King Conan.

  8. I am a hero of Khitai, having deposed the corrupt emperor in his Jade Citadel and championed a successor.

  9. Once, I was a slave, bound by immortality and servitude by the mark of Acheron.

  10. I am the liberator of Tortage.

“Not as Easy as it Sounds” looks for 10 different quest line completions, so it looks like you’re just missing one.

Good luck!

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ah alrighty thanks, wonder what it could bee! :slight_smile:

Got it thank you! Checked through on old characters and it’s the one in the Amphitheatre of Karatonia :slight_smile:

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