Some addition suggestions

Male Dancers. Why do they just copy the Female dancers? They would be doing their own thing. Rolling muscles, beating drums, beating their chests, you know. Right now I just by-pass them, but I wouldn’t if they were cool.

Pack horse saddles. You can’t ride a pack horse saddle, but they hold the same as a bearer thrall or caravan elephant.

Tying a captured thrall over the back of my horse. maybe a special saddle.

A building set that looks like ruins. Like the Lemurian cities or similar. Comes with rusted or corroded ancient armors.

If I think of anything else I will add it. Go ahead and add what you think is missing.

I would also like to see some variety in the dancers, male and female both really.

The first easy thought is to make some of them jugglers since the emote already exists for players in a dlc.

I would love to see fire eaters/twirlers, strongmen and women, drummers and other musicians, acrobats all added.

I understand that each would take some work, but I suspect that you could also bundle them into emotes for players and have a solid base for a new dlc RPers would love

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