Some feedback from a longtime player

I have been busy in RL and have not really played CE for a long time, except to refresh my bases. To be honest, the game has become a bore.
I decided to see what this new age of war was about this weekend, but could not log in. (Shocking I know)
I logged in today and my activity log had a long list of items that decayed because of stabilization issues.
I do not really care about the mats, but losing two of my legacy thralls was sad. I have had them for almost four years now.
The treasure horde thing honestly sounds a bit entertaining, but it looks more like a future cash grab to me.
Everything about Funcom is a cash grab these days.
I tried to create a guild banner only to find that most of the options were locked, and you could only buy them or spend a rediculous amount of time doing meaningless quests for the battlepass.
I have probably spent as much money as anyone on this game, the DLCs, Siptah, the BPs, and various Bazaar items.
Doing the banner really just woke me up to the end game for Funcom, and that is just money.
It is obvious they care little about the consumer/customer.
This is my final post on this forum, I will be uninstalling the game and moving on.
P. S. - The emblem designer really does look like something a first grader would do, lol.


Reminds of a quote by Dutch van der Linde as the player first approaches San Denis on RDR2: “welcome to the future”.

On a more serious note JJDancer, it will be sad to see you leave. But I can understand both aspects of your rationale. Some members have even lost entire bases in additon to purge thralls, crafting stations. It is just not cool.


Or as Lincoln Clay said, in Mafia 3, when questioned by Roman “the butcher” Barbieri about his new associate: “What can I say? Brave new world.”


As the emblems were revealed, I knew exactly what they would do: offer a handful of basic ones and lock the rest behind monetization.

Not that I have anything against that, but most of the actual new content in AoW Chapter 1 (as opposed to rebalancing and revamping) is stuff that’s meant to drive monetization.

Unless there’s a new dungeon or event that I’ve missed, this update seriously lacks content.

Call me cynical and jaded, but my theory is that they blew the deadline, released whatever they had ready, and punted the rest to the next release…

Sad to see you go, JJ :frowning:


I hope you reconsider. It’s sad seeing you go. Enjoy a long sabbatical if needed, but maybe after Dune is finished CE improves again. Don’t stay because of the game. Stay because of us, who enjoy your presence in the community.
Whatever you decide to do (which is staying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), I wish you the very best.


This one would regret your absence.
There is a certain misery in a lack of diversity in nemeses.

Hopefully the game does a bit of course correction, because, whether we agree on the details of the best path forward or not, it would be a shame for it to hemorrhage too many paying customers to sustain.


I think that the past year or so has revealed a truth most of us don’t want to face: there’s a significant difference between the forum community and “paying customers”.

Look around. See a lot of activity from the Chosen of Asura? Once in a blue moon, there’s a post by Croms_Faithful or Barnes, and maybe an occasional like from one of the other Chosen.

And it’s not just them. I still remember when people like Zeb and Narelle were active.

There are some things all those names have in common. For one, they were all very helpful and nice to other players. They were calm and reasonable, they tried to de-escalate conflicts and promote healthy discussion.

They were also highly supportive of Funcom but still offered constructive criticism when deserved.

In short, they were pillars of this community.

Pretty much every single one of them has grown strongly critical of Funcom, and then gone mostly or completely silent.

I’ll let that speak for itself and stop ranting about it.


sad to see you go JJ you have been a long time player, seen many of your posts here, I feel largely the same.

for me once I could get in the combat was as I expected it to be from testlive, not enjoyable, the new features don’t really grip me, and the game seems to be seriously drifting further out from what it could be but clearly never will be which is a real shame.

I won’t be saying for sure I won’t be coming back to exiles myself, because I am sure I already have said that and came back, but it feels telling to me knowing I have 1200 crom coins and I won’t even be grabbing a battle pass just to speed run it on singleplayer for the unlocks, I just don’t want to commit even to that.

It doesn’t feel great, I will say that.


I salute you!
Live long and prosper!


So long JJ, The quality has dropped since Norway team was on it, Look at the first textures closeup vs these new ones, massive differences.

I havent’ played since new building system, hammer was released. And logged in just now. I don’t recognise the game anymore.


I see more and more people go away from this game, but I understand why. The path they took with 3.0 is not in my favor too, I barely (an hour per week maybe) play with CE, and when I play, only modded stuff, but if I don’t like the aspects of the core game, mods will work for so long to me.

I did not even download the update yet, but I think I never will. I can’t play even in offline single player mode still, so the game has come to and end for me too, I’m with you @JJDancer.

Wish you the best in any games, and in real life too.
Cheers! :beers:


JJ we need more people like you on this forum. We keep each other honest. So sleep a while and come back us


I will miss your insight and PoV. You were one of the originals that could put me in my place quickly and with grace. Thank you for keeping it real and for forcing me to self reflect to be a better player and person in general.



I honestly don’t think that is all on funcom. Didn’t they; more or less, sell out?

But you are not wrong.

Agree, some times your opponent can be your best teacher.

The sort of people I need on a forum.

I’ve said before funcom need to create and work with a players counsel while there are still enough long time players for it to be viable.
1# Has to be an out of game Conan fan.
2# Has to have started playing in the first 6 month of the game.

A game lives and dies by it’s reputation, when a game loses it’s core players it’s reputation goes with them.


I wish you luck in your future gaming.

As in all games, burn-out, boredom, etc. effect many players and look for a new game.

My guild is constantly looking for the next MMORPG since most of us that remain (quite of few no longer play), are still playing old games like GW2 and ESO which are 9+ years old and are a bit stale even with expansions since majority of the game is still the same. New World did not hit it for our guild in the long run. Some still play but did not have hundreds continue to play the game. I personally did not try that one.

My friend who I tend to join in various games and he has gotten me into Conan Exiles (and Age of Conan) is game hopping of late, playing some Hunting game now, the Hunter Call of the Wild, but was playing Deep Rock Galactic before that. You have to do what you find best and enjoyable. :slight_smile:


I agree with your assessment. I think many folks (and mostly from the PC side of things) don’t like the new way gaming business is done, in general. With mobile and consoles dwarfing the PC markets now, it’s a different world. This new micro transaction system and coding to entice purchasing is nothing new for app designers or most console players of services-as-product games.

Now the real question here is the game ruined because of it? I’m old. I saw the gaming industry literally from pong to current. I don’t see much difference between DLC and microtransaction. For the first year, I didn’t vest any cash into the game. I got it on PS+ and built everything via core game. After I accepted I’m invested in the time sink, then I started getting DLC’s. I didn’t freak out about the microtransactions because I actually prefer it since I bought many DLC’s only for one item and barely use the rest (Derketo set was literally a purchase just for the treehouse foundation and nothing more) .
I think the largest change (and the one that left a sour taste for the antediluvians ) was the limiting of player access to paid content so that the people that did not pay could not receive any benefit of it. this seemed petty and I get why they did it…there were too many folks abusing it) but to those that were from the older time, they saw a complete 180 of the game culture at that point…originally the sharing brought civility to the players of this brutal game…with it gone, there was no in game benefit for players to interact with civility.

So this plus the aging of the game has started to show an evolution of the player base away from the loyal players of the brand to the insta-gratification gamer that is now prevalent. As we all saw when they changed their business model, there was non-verbal ques that suggested the development was not sold on this new way. However after a year and seeing the sheer number of bought goods out there in all versions of officials, the proof is in the revenue.

We all gotta ask ourselves if this new direction is going to work for us or not. Some came to terms early…others tried it out and just walked away…there is a group that doesn’t want to leave with the investments of time and $ put into it and so they stay until it gets to be a breaking point…and there are those that see it as a necessary evil and hope for the best. Very few are 100% comfortable with the change but the $ matters more because it’s what is keeping Den and Andy and Nicole and Mayra and Dana and all of the others employed .


I wish you good luck and good continuation some be the activities for what you will devote to the future.
It is sad to note that unfortunately Conan Exile does not hold its promises, this game had crazy potential but unfortunately FunCom did not suspect it.
The list of things that do not go is long: recovery bugs, balances against meaning, bad decisions and the lack of listening to the active communities by developers, add to this a monetization (although normal to support FunCom) which takes The top on the gameplay and the games.
We will still have the chance to have among us extroardinary people such as codemage or xevyr or deacomelie as well as the elected asura (sorry for those I do not quote) but as for weariness these will decide to leave then we hug alone Faced with our pain.
Please forgive my English I am French so I use a translator.
Again: good luck and maybe see you soon.


Age of War has completely ruined endgame. Not that Conan ever had a very strong endgame, but it’s completely absurd now.

  1. Get a Cannibal Brute (extremely easy since they are weak and conversion time on wheel is like 10% what it used to be)
  2. Get Momentum (extremely easy if you stocked up from previous age merchants; easy but possibly time consuming to farm legendary chests since your brute will kill most 3-skull bosses in less than a minute)
  3. Lvl 10+ brute + momentum + best str bonus armor + 20 authority = the absolute worst combat balance the game has ever seen. I have played with the EEWA and AoC mods that add extremely powerful thralls and weapons to the game, and new powerful enemies to fight. It makes fighting vanilla 3-skull bosses a joke, but I don’t recall it ever being the absolute joke that the actual live game is now.

Funcom has been progressively destroying the reason to do anything.

  1. Unnamed City: for a long time there were good reasons to go here repeatedly, long-term: Sword of Crom and Relic Hunters. Now Sword of Crom and Relic Hunters are both worthless. Getting repair kits was also a good reason to go there. Now repair kits are pointless. There’s a few decent drops remaining but far less of a reason to even go to UC.
  2. Weapons: all weapons that are not Momentum are pointless. Axe of the Lion might be entertaining for some players, but brutes don’t combo with it so for thralls there is one good thrall choice, brute, and for brutes there is one good weapon choice, momentum.
  3. Weapon effects: bleed, poison, sunder, etc - all pointless because nothing survives long enough for them to be relevant. Brute + momentum kills anything in 3 combos.
  4. Religion: religions have been in serious need of love for a long time and instead of any love they just keep getting nerfs so they are now pointless. As pointless as they were it was fun to build t3 altars for the rainbow of beams, but that is gone now. At least Yog with Tenderizer had a long run, but Momentum has now rendered that pointless as well.

There’s just zero motivation to go out in the world and do anything because there are no meaningful rewards and there is zero challenge. Congrats on the completion of transforming the world of Conan into Barbarian Barbie, all that remains to do is play house and dress-up.


Thrall or not, this is extremely true.

Skeleton Bosses in the Unnamed City die in 3 full combos.
The Red Mother is down in a single minute.
Giant Spiders and Crocodiles die in 2 or 3 combos.
Scorpion King has no exoskeleton anymore, just paper :skull:
Thunderfoot used to take a long time, got him in less than 2 minutes?

Put simply, with a legendary weapon and an appropriate build, World Bosses feel barely more tanky than normal enemies did pre-patch :rofl:

There are a few weird exceptions so far, most specifically the True Champion of the Warmaker who still hits like a wet noodle, but has massive HP making the fight one of the longest in the game at the moment :rat:


This one takes mild Umbrage with being lumped into the same category as mobile device gamers. But only mild.

When this one purchased a game on a console, they expected a finished product, rather than the constantly being tinkered with paid betas that were so common on PC.
But that was the past.
When games came on cartridges, or even discs.
When they did not require an internet connection to use a single player game.
When they were expect to work on the day they were released.
When we actually owned our property, rather than having purchased a license to use, sometimes, maybe, a service.

Microsoft is, was, and always will strive to be at the forefront of market exploitation sans scruple. XBoX Live made money.
Peter Hines goes on about how proud he is of being at the forefront of the DLC ization of the gaming industry. Elder Scrolls Oblivion was the game that opened the execs eyes, in 2006 they sold (on XBoX live and directly for PC) a saddle. It was purely cosmetic. It cost about $2 on PC and $2.50 on XBoX live.
There was an extremely loud riot about it online.
Everyone said they hated it.
It was a top selling item that generated revenue for the game.
So, while we can blame Double Dragon 3 for introducing microtransactions back in the arcades…
For the state of affairs in home gaming, we want to blame Microsoft and Bethesda.
But the truth is, the monetization has shifted (over more than a decade and a half) to that most evil of phrases what the market can bear.

Now, with smaller studios, they can feed and maybe even make pension for their staff off of smaller earnings.
But for larger companies like Microsoft (or in this case, Tencent) we add a much larger body of employees who don’t work on any game, but instead run infrastructure for the empire and then there is the executive class who must be maintained in the lifestyle they are accustomed to. In short, corporate bloat.
We all knew this was coming with the Tencent buy out.

This one used to have a more than mild antipathy for gamers on PC, and blamed them for the collapse in quality of video games as they hit market. How could those people tolerate paying for broken effluvium and accept empty promise that it would be patched later? Why did they accept having their character’s gear and skills be rewritten every few months? Worse yet, they paid for this repeatedly?!?!
But then this one noticed that the desire for something now is stronger in the market than the desire for something done right.
Also, people get bored. Even with new actual content (maps, storylines) some fellow gamers complained it was samey and nothing new. The cult of the new.
Short Attention Spans.
These two factors, Wanting something new and wanting it now, brings slap dash constantly being tinkered things to market as the standard. Because it’s impossible to call it a product, as it’s never finished, it is instead a “service”.

Who to blame?
The exploitations of corporate overlords in late stage capitalism
The whiny fools who were lucky to get together with their money in the first place and reward, nay, demand this

As for this one, the 'Murikan option is chosen.
ÂżPorque no los dos?