Some silly thoughts on Arcos the Wanderer and the new map

Hey fellow Exiles,

I was thinking about some stuff Arcos the Wanderer told me, and somehow I related it with the so-debated new map…
So, as I never created a topic, I would like to share this, just because…

By the way… if you are a new player, don’t know Arcos (and hate spoilers) - stop reading right now and go straight to the Sentinels for some interesting and insightful dialogues…

  • Arcos mentions entire cities up north (notice his tone of admiration, so I kind of doubt he was talking about the Galeon or other Black Hand camp). I believe he was talking “north” having Buccaneer bay as
    his natural reference (firstly because it is his capitol and natural starting point, secondly because we meet him by chance in a improvised camping - so it would make sense if he was relating information from the perspective of his more familiar references…).

  • He also mentions some people he once met up north… perhaps in those very cities (I am writing without checking his exact words right now)… and those people had some different “amber bracelets”… right? any thoughts so far?

  • Well… then I started my conspiracy theories on that… let’s blame the quarentine or any noble reason for that… anyway, here it comes:

1 - Arcos does’n have his dialogue boxes reproduced on Conan Wiki (I believe he is the only one without it, if not, just correct me on that).
2 - Rare Spice - its source does not belong to our map.
3- Ebony Silk - its source is another mystery.
4 - Both ebony silk and rare spice are dropings from Buccanneer Bay only… If I understood Arcos well, so that means the new map covers the area north Buccanner Bay and shall reveal the source for both ingredients (therefore, new flora and fauna --> new biome(s) ), plus it must contain at least one friendly city mirrowing Sepermeru, at the other side of the map…inhabited by people wearing strange amber bracelets…
What do you think about that? Am I just out of my mind? Is this (kind of) post worth reading? Let me read some opinions here, and if you encorage me to do so, I may release some silly trivia regarding the encounter with Petruso the Sandstorm Maniac… (despite my ugly and rusty English).


You are close but talking to arcos he says there are whole cities up north referring to sepemeru and new Asgard mostly but there are many other large settlements. As far as the amber bracelets that he mentioned saying he walked all the way around the ghost fence once and he saw people on the other side wearing the same bracelets with amber gems instead of green. I am hoping the new map uses either these amber bracelets or at least a color other than green for the sake of adhering to established lore. I would like to know where the connection between arcos and the black hand is though. He is not from their faction or even wearing their uniform. I don’t doubt buccaneer bay is one of the cities he mentioned but i don’t think there is any reason to suspect a connection with them. Other than his tent which is likely a means of using existing assets there is nothing that gives any indication of him being involved with the black hand pirates at all.

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Hi Berserk!
It’s true! He never introduced himself as a Black Hand pirate. I am just assuming he is/ was one of them from his Black Hand tent and because he said he used to be a sailor… ( who knows? He may be an outcast)…
I didn’t visit Sepermeru or New Asagarth yet…( I’m in love with the Jungle biome and it’s whole Lemurian affairs, so I am just staying there building). So, indeed, my lore is incomplete…
What about the assumptions on rare spice and ebony silk?

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Those are interesting to be sure and the new map seems like it will fit into the slot where all the dungeons are located (between the north and the jungle). I think the silk is likely just dyed by the black hand using techniques only they know since the silkwood is near there and they would be able to harvest silk pretty easy. As for the spice, the only issue with trade is they can’t leave either since they also have bracelets but to some degree I get where you are coming from. Rare spice and argosian dream dust are curiosities to be sure but how would they run trade routs without leaving? Interesting theories but more research is still needed.

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Oh good! I believe they will cover (or intend to do so) the area filling the gap between the jungle and the volcano (e.g giant crocodile chest and animal tamer camp are clues that they wanted to “fortify” the northern edge of the jungle).
Concerning ebony silk - again I just assume that it comes from a new kind of spider/spider-thing (since the Black Hand never drops black dye). I guess black silk would be (1) a new type of material - exclusive to the new enviroments (2) just regular silk combined with new ingredients, only available on the new map.
On rare spice - you are correct. No trade at all… a “typ” I can use on that issue is the journal explaining the Pirate cuisine — something like “crates full of rare spices washing up to the shores of Pirate Bay blah, blah…” Here we go again: if they have a receip relying on the usages of “rare spice” they must be able to obtain the ingredient with “certain” regularity , thus, a “trade route” (or something barely recognisable as such) must exist somehow… (I agree it will be a tuff question for the developers to answer, and I hope they at least try to do it “fairly” - thus the easiest way to do so would be attached to the background of that amber bracelets).
On argosean dream dust - good! thank you! I forgot to mention that… it could be also related to a new alchemical receip, available somewhere/somehow on the new map as well…
But, just as you said… it’s just some wild guesses here, combined to lots of free time…

They could trade with Non-Exiles, free to cross the Cursewall.

From there they could get rare spices and anything else unavailable in the Exiled Lands.

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Hey Verjigorm!
It could be a possibility, yes. That’s kind of my point as well… we should assume there is a non-exile ( or non- conventional exile) city not too far from Pirate Bay.
Another thing. We know the Lemurian witch queen created the bracelets and , later, started to use her power to rebel against the giant kings… The amber bracelets offer potential to bring lots of storyline together ( a new map with other bracelets and under different conditions of imprisonment)…
I am having a “hunch” that the new map could include one or more friendly/ neutral cities and it may produce an explanation for the existence of those special itens someone produces somewhere and we only can obtain by looting npcs corpses. :slight_smile:

Hey there,

I’ve brought this up with Estha, who’s added other dialogue before. They’ll work on it once they have time.

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