Some spam and siege suggestions

Haha, you must be joking.

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Lockpick should be in the game, but it should be some sort of minigame, maybe some logical/algebrical/logaritimic minigame, so non-educated people will be left out. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I do as well. And I actually build my “fish kitchen” around the edges on the well. Fridges, large campfire, fluid presses, chest for the water skins. Saves a lot of space.


That could be fun doing that way. I would be for that.

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so what if people got families and can’t stay online 24/7 to protect the base from a bunch of crybabies who only raid offline let’s just make it easier for them to break hours of dedication?
there should be a rule for not being able to bomb/damage building while a player is offline. decay system is there so if he’s not coming back on the server everything will dissapear anyway
the game right now is lacking defense while you’re offline so anyone can raid the most “unraidable” base

Lockpicking is the worst idea ever, this is not elder scrolls

Um, if you are referring to pvp servers player raiding is restricted to raid hours posted in the raid settings of the server. That is the only time that players may raid others bases. Currently, on official servers that is around 6 hours not 24 hours, of course private server raid may vary.

Mayham servers are not currently available that I have seen, official anyway. These would be your 24/7 raid servers.

I agree we could use more traps and defensive elements in the game.

Containers in this game have locks hence they can be locked. Historically any lock can be defeated given access and time that is why most even locked containers are themselves contained inside structures.

When was the lastime you saw a bank vault located outside the bank ?? How many home safes have you seen lying outside on the front or back lawn ??

Locked containers are not undefeatable and such also need protected.

In this light, not only does lockpicking makes sense in a survival game it is surprising that we don’t already have it. I would not be surprised if it is already planned just not added yet, but on the off chance it is not I suggested it.

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You are not seeing from the prospective that when you are offline you are taking computing resources and virtual space away from others who are actually playing.

I don’t like the idea of a hardcoved limit. There should be a limit to building size by means of resources, defense measures and (I hope this will be implemented) upkeeping costs. All building pieces need to be 3x as expensive as they are now imo.

Upkeep costs are a big one.

Right now it is drop and it lasts forever as long you login for a second to magically maintain your entire connected base ! I use the term base loosely as many are building a base of nothing but surface trenches (foundation spam).

Trebs range was supposed to help with this but it hasn’t for two reasons.

  1. Mechanics : Landclaim.

  2. Combat. You still need to spot at the base location anyway to see if you are hitting the base from the edge of their vast foundation lag spam network.

Trebs not requiring landclaim to place again would combat this (pvp) and maintaince costs and natural wear would also (pve and pvp). The only issue would be trolling with treb placement so the hp of trebs may need then to be adjusted.


For the most important part, I would like that players have to think more in a strategically way where to build and what to build. Right now it is fairly unimportant what you decide to build, you can always go bigger.

Rusts upkeeping system is a good example on how it limits players abilities to build large and therefore forcing them to carefully plan their base. Naturally this is a nuisance to people who like to build without thought but in the end everyone is profitting from this system as it makes the game more enjoyable for all players.


I agree . Every castle requires maintenance . Build and forget buildings are even worse than place and forget thralls randomly all over the map.


Please return to Rust with these ideas.

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I don’t like these things in Rust, why see them in Conan? I want for example safes with 50K HP and a little more chest. I want to see the slave control panel, the commands to attack, not to beat. And Alliances for clans

On server 1092 the Treb range problem has been solved by one clan landclaiming the entire ‘n’, ‘o’ and ‘p’ columns on the map, total of 14 map squares.

Exactly why we need more restrictions on foundation spam. One clan needs to have to maintain that if they want to flood a map in that matter. Players like this would not do this if it was not drop and forget.

The issue is foundation spam harms the players and the server performance alike. Many private servers don’t allow it and punish players for doing it, but that takes an active admin to perform that function. Making someone have to continue to pay for that spam will take the shine off of doing it very quickly.

Balance can be maintained by adjusting numbers of cost and placement. This is the chief complaint besides AI issues on most Official servers so is hopefully near the top of the list of things to do to make the game more fun and run smoother.

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