Some Stone Tools

Someone was asking about how to craft a stone sickle without realizing that none existed, so I made a stone sickle by cutting one end off the pick and adjusting the shading a little:


It doesn’t look bad, but too much like the pick. However, why does the pick look like that? As a cutting edge, stone that long and narrow could would, but as a striking tool? It would shatter on the first use.

So I redesigned the pick too:


Anyway, nothing serious here, just playing around with stone tools.


Now you just need to edit the 3d model and make a mod :smile:


Nice design but neither ergonomic or efficient! For gaming yes, it’s beautiful, for work no, it’s unbalanced.
In gaming we break stones with picks, so this design for gaming is really ok! Well done @Tephra congrats :+1:t6:.

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