Where is the IRON SICKLE?

Every other steel tool has an iron counterpart except for the STEEL SICKLE.

I would be happy if an iron sickle had a 1.5 or 2.0 multiplier on the amount of fiber that is picked by hand. Hell, I would settle for a 1.25 multiplier.

I know you can get fiber from exiles and their boxes/chests, but it would be nice if there was an iron version of the tool.



+1 I am also for Iron Sickle!

And if you are into that just give us some nice tool for collecting bark :palm_tree: (and no, pickaxe doesnt count)

Do not get me started about bark gathering. What a pain in the a… LOL

What a pain in the a…

arm? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Yes I know :slight_smile: That is why I would appreciate any kind of bark collecting tool… even tamed squirrel would do!

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Uh… yes, the arm! That is where the pain is since all I do is constantly swing that pick at the tree! :laughing:

You are getting enough bark with the pickaxe. The fun part about building and crafting in CE is that you don’t get every material thrown at you. At the end, the most simple structure can be extremely rewarding because you worked your ■■■ off for it.

There is a mod for iron sickle and to give bark as byproduct from making shaped wood.


Pickaxe is not available until level 45. I am was not asking for a ton of bark but it is a pain in the arm at lower levels.

The original question was for an IRON SICKLE for fiber, which it does not make sense that every other steel tool has an iron version except for the sickle.

“Sickles from the Neolithic to the New Kingdom (about 1550-1069 BC) were made of wood with stone blades. In the Roman Period iron became common. In the Late Period and later the blades of the sickles were often made in iron.”


The whole point is that the game gets easier as your tech gets more advanced. Part of that is from reaching milestones. Level 30 is one of those, when you gain access to the sickle and suddenly fiber isn’t as much of a chore. There’s really no need for an iron sickle, as the things that require large amounts of fiber such as T3 stone, T2+ wheels of pain, etc are not craftable until level 30. Level 30 itself comes extremely quickly and likely by the second day of your adventure you’ll have your steel sickle.

Sure it’s s struggle at very low level, but that’s the entire point of the game. You progress, you advance your tech, and things become easier.

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Bark is super easy to farm if you just stop trying to collect it from trees.

I remember there being a mod for iron sickles. I don’t see much point in it, but it’s out there.

I do find that ‘most’ materials are thrown at you. Raiding NPC settlements yields a ton of materials, so there’s very little I have to actually try to gather myself. Mostly just wood and stone… Billions of wood and stone.

Other things, like gossamer and black ice are like 1 time deals since you can get around a thousand gossamer in 2 minutes and 9,000 black ice in about 10 minutes. This game really does throw a lot of materials at you.

I do like the struggle of the game at lower levels. I do not use mods and I am an admin on a server so if I wanted I could just spawn material.

We run the server with the defaults of 1x multiplier on everything.

It just seems to me that if each other Steel Tool has an Iron counterpart it would make sense that the Sickle would too.

Players on our server do not play for hours at a time every day and I do not see the big deal about getting 1 or 2 more pieces of fiber using an iron sickle.

That is my 2 copper pieces.

Using a stone or iron pick, it takes a long time to get a decent amount of bark. Personally I do not mind, but I understand where others are coming from when they discuss it.

Yeah it does, that’s why you ‘don’t’ get bark from trees. Get it from NPCs and chests. You can get hundreds rather quickly. Go clear New Asagarth - kill everyone and loot all the chests. You’ll get a lot of bark, steel, glass, crystals, etc.

Chipping at trees is not worth it.

You can get quite a bit at lower levels too. The Black Galleon, The Den, any large settlement.

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