Some things I hope will change when IoS leaves EA

While we got a plethora of new armor with this expansion only one, the Slaveforged, has a new look to it. All the rest are simply copy-pasta of existing armors. This is deeply disappointing and it is my hope that they just ran out of time to finish the new armors before early access and that the other new armors will have their own looks upon official release.

The map itself it beautiful but the lighting is a bit wonky. Things seem more blurry than they do in the Exiled Lands and it’s hard to get a screenshot where characters don’t look jaundiced/yellowish regardless of their skin color.

The stormglass is amazing but it’s disappointing that they failed to make glass versions of all the roofing pieces as well. I hope this will be rectified by official release as well.

I won’t get into all the gameplay problems as I feel others are hitting those far more adequately than I could have. But these oversights I feel are also worth mentioning and I hope people will speak up about them and urge FC to do better.


Wild Druid isn’t a new Look for Siptah? There is other armors but can’t recall their name at the moment. But besides that I think if not all most of the armor is Ugly. Especially helmets.

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Wild Druid is just straight-up, no-change Kambujan Shaman armor from the base game. Most of the other Eldarium armors are a mix of older armors; i.e., Night Stalker is a mix of Zamorian Thief + Black Corsair, Black Privateer is Black Hand + Derketo + recolored Black Corsair, Black Knight is Silent Legion + Cultist, Dune Hunter is Shemite + Relic Hunter, etc. Wild Druid and Frost Giant Garb, however, are just entire old sets with new names and stats.

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I see, none the less I don’t get the big deal, either way game has a bunch of armor (All Ugly) but people that are New to Siptah and the game it’s all new armor to them.

IoS will never leave early access.

The lighting really bothers me. I like the rays and sun shafts in the redwood forests. My biggest complaint is night time hardly gets dark. There is no reason to use a torch.


Said who? You?

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Yeah sadly lots of players prefer daylight nights, yuk…
I personally didn’t sign up for the light nights, I don’t even know why it had to be different on the Isle…

My default Gamma setting on Siptah was 2.22 - the island looks a lot better (and less permanent twilight-y) if you drop that to 1.5 or even just 2.0.

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