Someone nudge me if they fix archery

I’m obsessing about some other game right now.
But I’ve never lost hope for this one.

Could someone kindly send me a signal if archery ever gets un-borked?
thank you.

Funcom has already made the changes and fixes to archery they plan on doing. The issue is their philosophy behind Archery being a support tool and not a main combat option. In one of their dev streams they even referred to it as a ‘sidearm’ compared to melee.

The only thing they will be adding to Archery is changing how heavy attack works from being a delayed shot to one you can click and hold and release to fire. That’s about it.

The light attack combo will likely remain the same, and weapon values as well.

I don’t agree with the philosophy. Therefor I’ve made a fix in the form of a mod:

My archery fix helps the issue on the item level by rebalancing bows and arrows within their own tiers compared to melee weapons. The results make archery a valid route to go alongside melee. The focus was to make Archery a viable choice in PVP without making archery OP in PVE.

To my knowledge and experience it has been tested so far on at least 3 servers (many run it, but I’ve only played on three of them so far myself). Including in some mass PVP events where there were 10+ per side. Everyone seems to enjoy the changes. Including melee players.

That last one was important. Many Archery mods make bows a little too strong and they aren’t fun to fight against as melee or make melee pointless in PVE. My mod refrains from doing that. Melee now have a competitor at range while not feeling outmatched.

In addition I made Javelins stack to 10 and Throwing Axes stack to 20. So over all ranged combat in general is improved as well as the Accuracy attribute and armors that grant accuracy by proxy.

The only downside is that DLC weapons are not affected by this mod and fall behind in power compared to base game bows and arrows. But this is an issue in common with all mods that modify existing items.


This is the fix I’m waiting for, I can’t hit anything except npc’s from beyond agro radius, with this current release whenever setup.

I’m hoping for the ability to not fire. IE hold right / tap left to fire, releasing right just lowers the arrow without firing it, like we had originally.

As someone who preferred to play the ranger, I need to control the bow, lead the target, and not waist ammo.
I have seen all of the new ammo in the live stream, give me back control, and any other nerf is moot.

I was hoping for that change aswell, and that philosophy of “sidearm” seems a excuse for lazyness in finding a balance for it.

The light chain combo, man im surprised how they seem to not test it, the 3rd attack is very slow and does the same dmg as the 1 and 2, it doesnt make sense. Sigh, I wonder why I still worry with this game, hopefuly not for long.

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I just checked the latest live stream as it seems they might be getting rid of the light chain combo as they said it wasn`t working out the way they intended as to me when I heard that my thoughts to crossbows suddenly came back.

Nice, i havent watch the last stream yet, this news kinda amuses me, hope they finally do something good with archery.

My guess is that it is possible they could restore bows to their original strength or with a little more damage especially if the crossbows come back as well as i believe the right click attack will not only be an aim attack but also a charged attack as well from what they said most likely to make bows more useful especially with the new ammo.

Latest dev stream they mentioned that archery revamp was next on the to:do list after pets.

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Awesome! Since there is different parts of the body hitboxes like the last perk on Accuracy being more damage on Heads, getting aim improvement on bows and a revamp on archery is a very welcome news, hope they revamp the ACC tree too, the Ricochet Shot should be changed for something more useful.

The new arrows on Testlive are very costly, but very powerful and fun. They will make for great ammo when bows do get reworked in the near term future.

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