Something crazy

When i sometimes look at the player list on the sever it says this

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it’s just a loading problem. after a few minutes it’s fixed

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That or some Tibetan Buddhist monks decided to join.



We have seen this on ps4 official pve-c server’s when it was nearly unplayable then cleared up. It was also full of invisible doors and walls we moved on.

This invisible door issue still exists for me on official pvec ps4 :frowning:

Currently I am waiting for over 20 minutes and still no doors. While this happens there is exactly this strange playerslist. But even if the playerslist is OK again the doors need some more time.

My record was over 50 minutes. I reconized that when I am the only one at the server it needs longer. Also in the morning hours after server restarts it need more time than in the evening hours. I learned to live with this because its for years now. But currently it is very annoying when you bluescreen or freeze every hour and have to wait to get out or in your base everytime.

I always care enough materials to make a small house if I have no time to wait to get into my base :joy:

And while the server loads the stuff most of the time you can not farm anything.

Be also aware that anybody can log in near your base and just walk in and loot your bodys. There is a small time frame before it brings you back out of the base. My small temp bases are always without doors :slight_smile: and at my main base you can not find me so fast.

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Logging on a pvec server I have played on took 3 minutes or so. No players id showed in list just character names and clan after 10 minutes or so the rest showed up. 3829 server number going to die in the desert now. @ConanBoDk

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