PVE-C Server #3515: It just doesn't work

Official PVE-C Server #3515

We noticed that the report server link no longer works, so I hope yet another topic highlightly this long-term issue might inspire investigation.

My husband and I began playing on this server nearly two years ago. At the time, another player began surrounding all of the builds on the server with massive, contiguous sandstone foundations that spanned multiple grid cells. This strain on the server created an unplayable situation where players couldn’t load in to the game and we simply abandoned what we had built and moved on. (this as prior to the ability to report this kind of behavior)

Early this year, we decided to log back in and try again. The troll builder was gone, and the server seemed to allow us to login after a bit of a delay. We started playing again, and over the next few weeks noticed that the load time to access the server got longer and longer and we would have to attempt to login multiple times before the server would handoff.

When we could get in, we found that there were never seemed to be more than 3-5 people able to play on the server at one time. Often, we could get in after a server reboot, but the loading times were still extensive. Additionally, the loading screen would frequently dump us into our characters floating in the sky and falling for an eternity.

Due to the login delays, (10 minutes to even get in, and our characters would often die in the process from starvation or dehydration.) on more than one occasion, we were finally get into the game to find our event logs full of over 200 character death records, occuring one after another every few seconds.

Today, my husband was finally able to login after a 10-minute wait and then had to wait an additional 10 minutes before our medium-sized build with less than 20 total placeables would load around him and allow him to move. I attempted to login as well (with my husband and 2 other players on the server) and could not achieve handoff. My husband found my character floating in the desert and the server list showed I was in game, but I never actually got past the loading screen after waiting for 10-15 minutes each try.

I decided to login to another PS4 account to see if I could access the server as a new player. I am currently staring at a screen with the background desert image and no character creator overlay will load. (it’s been more than 20 minutes).

There is clearly something seriously wrong with this server. We have found numerous reports about the server online and the response always seems to be that funcom and g-portal have run the server through simulations and find no issues. I would encourage someone on those teams to attempt a login from an actual PS4 several hours after a server reboot so they can see these problems for themselves. We have screenshots, videos and plenty of issues that we’ve captured over the last 8+ months.

We (and many others based on the number of forum entries for this server alone) have invested a lot of time into this server and would sincerely appreciate funcom investigating and resolving the issues that make the server totally unplayable.


I was once on that server until constantly going through the same bs as yourselves. I moved on to another server. It won’t take long to level up plus you have a fresh palate. Your new bases will be more efficient and your knowledge of the game allows more speed. The time saved by being productive instead of being stuck on the loading screen or rubber banding between a hyena and a dafari cook I is substantial. I started fresh four times now and each time is more enjoyable, give it a shot.


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