Cannot log into server

Platform: PS5
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE-C
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 3514

Trying to join an official online server with my friends, who can log into the server after multiple tries on PVE-C server #3514. I absolutely cannot log into the server to initiate the character creation menu.

Pvec servers are buggy again. There is a well known issue. Try another mode or wait few months for the fix.
The only chance to get in is within an hour after server restart.

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I wish to play the game with my friends who already inhabit the server, and have made me aware of the issues with PVE-C servers at the moment. I am just trying to draw attention to the issue that everyone else may be allowed into the server after multiple attempts with their preexisting characters, however I cannot join after 30+ attempts. I have not seen this specific issue addressed, and would very much appreciate the issue being given the intense attention it warrants as I have paid for the product, rightfully expecting to be able to engage with it.

It is addressed but there is no comment when it will be fixed. It’s not the first time. Once it takes over an year. 2020/21

You can try it right after server restart. Today I was able to login on my pvec server at 6am. Server restart on this server is around 5am CET

Don’t know where your server is located but it should be 5am too. But in servers local time zone.

Wish you good luck and patience with this server mode. I am the last man standing in my clan. Its not the only problem but the biggest one because it don’t let you play.

And I already lost my faith into funcom for fixing problems in a acceptable time span. Like I said it’s not the first and I am sure it’s not the last time. I lost whole chapters of the last age and also I am sure this chapter is lost too.

Although the problem persists its possible to login , it can take several attempts though, today it took 5 attempts for login to 3052 but it seems completely random this time.

Btw your topic will be closed because you are not using the not realy good working bug template.
Like here

Thats the only feedback I can find to this issue with the searching function. If you use it they are just quiet and don’t answer anything. So no reason to do this unnecessary work. Just wait and hope someone do the same thing that helps the last times. But it seems to me not to be on a high priority for funcom

Hi server neighbor :slight_smile:

I admire your patience! I’m only trying it once myself. Five times means logging in for an hour to then being able to play. This is a waste of time for me. But I’m still a little pissed off about my lost followers because of the 1 day decay issue. What’s even more important is that this is simply hushed up. Just like this problem is simply kept quiet here.

a lot of pve-c pc server are facing it, the entire day, only accessible a few hours after the server restart, on my country it occurs at 4:00 AM !!! lol.

To be fair… Here is a response. Different platform and different server but the same problem

Had this issue as well with pvec server. Was not able to log in for a long time after chapter 2 release. Finally did it, checked my castle was still standing and logged off as it was way too laggy to play. Tried to login again few days later - no luck. When I finally did it, all my stuff was gone. Thank you, FunCom.
Solution. In order to stop infinite loading screens happening to you, you need to stop playing this game.

I understand that if you have a pre-existing character on a server that you can get in after several attempts. What I am talking about is the inability to start a new character on the server. I am convinced it is impossible. Feel free to try and create a new character on a pve c server and see what happens.

Been an issue for years. Slightly different now but same issue. If you continue to relog once you notice you are frozen eventually you get in the server. I’m guessing it has to do with other players trying to log in at same time and/or bases being rendered.

Can barely play official servers right now. I am on PS4 and my friends on PS5 are having the same issue.

Try it in the first hour after server restart

I’ve had good results doing the following. If it doesn’t load after about a minute then hit a direction on the d-pad. That will typically crash the game. Then I can usually log in after I reload.

Nothing works. Again, to reiterate, I understand that if I try to log in to any other server I already play on that I can get in eventually. However, trying to CREATE a NEW character on a different server seems impossible. Are you saying you have created a new character on a pvec server recently?

No luck.

PS4 Update - Age of War Chapter 2 (2023.09.21) - Purge revamp, loot rework, dungeon tweaks and more! - Latest: Hotfix 3 [2023.10.18] - #7 by AndyB Should be a fix for this now, gonna try in the evening.

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