Sorcerous pet food, Wight horse bug

I can no longer make Sorcerous pet food or The Wight Horse

None of my Ancestral Knowledge will unlock now grrrr :confounded:

Did you use a yellow lotus potion by chance?

Yes yesterday I did. A little while ago though, I was messing around in the bazaar and challenge page and My game crashed lol when I logged back in POOF it fixed itself and now I have Ancestral knowledge again. Guess it reset after I visited the store and restarted :laughing:

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Great news but there has been a bug in the yellow lotus that makes those special learned feats go away. If you want to restat yourself, research midnight alchemist and specifically potion of bestial memory. This is the safest method until we get confirmation that yellow lotus has been fixed.

Ok thank you, much appreciated :+1:t2:

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