Sorcery wishlist

This. I remember that you participated on the last post I made about this change in particular. While I fully agree that the Rolling Thrust change a lot, I think that some other needs which perhaps hit even harder came before this:

Rolling Thrust hurt, but it’s been getting worse for a while.

I also posted a new guide to my best ways to combat the current struggles of Corruption here:

To address your topic, @Scorpy, I agree that an additional summon would make a good “mobile” Summon. Perhaps the Summon(s) would not take the place of Thralls. This could be a Sorcery cast with the staff, to add a Summon to the Sorcery list that had a little more direction than the Raise Dead Sorcery. These differences could make it more flexible than the Summon Demon Sorcery @Dzonatas mentioned above.

Healing Sorceries might be okay, but I feel like between Grotesque Excrescence, Resurgence, and Glutton for Punishment, Corruption Builds have enough Healing to keep up with their limited Health… but… if the heal could be cast as an AoE, including to enemies (for balance), I find this to be a good option. It would help the Corruption Builds more due to lower Health total, and would help play support to both Thralls and Clanmates since you have the choice to cast if it seems to be a good idea.