[SotA] Land of Maros - Exiled Lands [AoC, EEWA, SvS, etc]

Hello everyone,

We have released a new server for Conan Exiles - Exiled Lands (4/3 release). The server is made by people who love Survival games and MMOs. In that vein, we have added in our own content like an arena, dungeons, custom story quests, and repeatable quests (daily and weekly). We have integrated our quests with the AoC guilds as well.

Our modlist is very builder friendly with favorites like Pippi, SvS, SvS2, Savage Steel vol 1 & 2, Immerse RP, Thrall War Decorations, Exiles Extreme, GrimProductions, Northern Timber, Glass Constructions and More…

Land of Maros - Mod Collection

We wanted to make leveling, socializing and exploring the map key components of Maros. So, we’ve limited ‘teleporting’ and XP from just killing NPCs. To offset this, we’ve put in biome leveling quests and many other ways to get experience so you’re not just mindlessly killing NPCs.

Stop by our discord for more information and guides: https://discord.gg/gPgqgCCPDU

Or jump straight into the game: