[SotA] Land of Maros - Exiled Lands [AoC, EEWA, SvS, etc]

[Sanctum of the Ancients] has released the new server Land of Maros (April 2nd, 2021 release) for Conan Exiles.

Connection Info:
Server Name: [SotA] Land of Maros - Exiled Lands [AoC, EEWA, SvS, etc]

Mod Collection: Steam Workshop::[SotA] Land of Maros Mod Collection

We’re a PvE server focused on an MMO-like experience. Complete with an evolving custom Story Quest.
We will be running weekly or bi-weekly events on the weekends.
We have an Arena, Coliseum, Museum, and a Jousting area for players.
We have a custom lower level dungeon. More to come!
We also have biome specific leveling quests.
As you can see from the mod collection, we love building and builders!

Swing by our discord community for more information.
Discord Link: Sanctum of the Ancients