Soulbound - Immersive Roleplay

"We have become the desert.

For each grain of sand displaced, disturbed, disordered, another fills its void, the memory of its initial occupant lost.

We can record, preserve our existence and steel our minds to protect from the inevitable chips of time. But as we tread across these wasteland’s paths a thousand thousand times, we lose hold of the splinters of fragments of a journey. And our beats continue. The grains slide. The pebbles crumble. The dust scatters, and with every footfall, Death anxiously awaits in hopes to greet us again.
We tug at threads, sew them together, and cobble their scraps into patterns that should be familiar. Though we grasp for the light of hope in our dreams, when we awaken, it is in darkness. So we breath in the scent of storms, allowing our lungs to ache with it to know that we are still alive and uncorrupted. We are alive, yet we are limitless. We are now empty and eternal.

We cannot remember how to die."

Do you love roleplaying and want to play Conan Exiles as a survival game?

Soulbound is for you. Our hardcore roleplaying server offers an experience tailored to fully immerse you in the bleak, harsh world of Conan. We are a brand new dedicated server opening today to offer you an untamed world to survive, build, and conquer in. Soulbound has its own lore, a profession system, quests, events, an innkeeper system for tavern owners, sorcery, custom dungeons, and so much more. With lax building rules and a powerful server, you can build the base of your dreams. The settings are also tweaked so that we are not too foreboding for roleplayers with limited time. A simple travel system is in place to allow ensure that the game isn’t turned into a walking simulator as well.


  • No drop on Death
  • 3x Harvesting
  • 10x Experience
  • Purge Enabled
  • 0.25 Crafting & Thrall Modifiers (4x faster)

Mods Summary:

  • Pippi
  • Roleplaying
  • Thrall Wars
  • Thrall Wars Deco
  • Savage Steel
  • Emberlight
  • Improved Quality of Life
  • Exiles Extreme (Decorations available in shops. Character items available with application.)
  • Soulbound Server (blocks EE feat, adds flavor items, and disables overpowered things)
  • Immersion Roleplay
  • Unlock Plus
  • And More


  • Unique Lore
  • Uniquely Customized Kerozad’s Paragon Leveling. 300 levels with 600 total attributes.
  • Profession System
  • Functioning Innkeeper System for Tavern owning players.
  • Sorcery
  • Dungeons
  • Quests
  • Immersive World

Join us at or check out our website at

For information on how to connect, please join our discord.


Soulbound is a brand new adult server where the player’s very soul is shackled to the Exiled Lands. This server isn’t for everyone; we are intended to be hardcore roleplay. This means every moment in game is in character, and every action of your gameplay, from mining rock to talking to NPCs, is part of your character’s journey and experience. This immersive experience is intended to add intensity.

Our lore could be taken as a blended influence from Highlander, Dark Sun, and of course Robert E. Howard’s Conan.

If you want to roleplay, ERP, and a fresh spin on being trapped in the barbaric Exiled Lands, come on in.


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We’re currently looking for someone to fill a Necromancer role in game.

If you’re willing to make a darker, twisted character, are interested in roleplaying, and enjoy some mild ritual sacrifice of your enemies, you’re already qualify! Please join our discord server or email to request more details.

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This role has been filled.

Once again, we’re looking for more souls to play with us. If you’re willing to play a leader character and wanting to be an outlaw, a rogue and scoundrel, we have a special spot for you.

We’re currently looking for someone to lead a cabal of misfits or slavers; someone’s who’s not afraid to take charge and able to write their own organization and create both conflict and plots. If you’re interested in this, please join our Discord and talk to Dreamer.

Starting Monday, we’re raising the experience and harvesting rate to accommodate for new people beginning fresh; we want you to experience all of the roleplay and none of the grind.

We’ve gone through a lot of changes recently too, so if you glanced as us before, give Soulbound a serious consideration now.

The response and community we’ve built so far has been overwhelming; it’s been so, so much better than I’d envisioned. There isn’t a moment when our server is empty, and so many interesting characters have joined us. Every one of them has a chance to build out their story and play the way they want to. The people who’ve committed to playing, staffing, and moderating with us are simply amazing. Barbarity has never felt better.

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Been here over a week now won’t catch me playing on another server.



Make your fortress. Build your kingdom.
Find yourself captured in a brutal land.
Fight off the endless hordes of the undead pouring upon you from the City.
Traverse dungeons and discover ancient secrets that no one has unearth.
Or simply make your own way in your own style.

The lands are thriving. The only thing we’re missing us you.

Another great event last night never a dull moment IG

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There are no free meals.

No kingdoms. No warring factions.

No heroes. No villains.

No escape.

Not even the sweet silence of death to take you away from the desolation of the Exiled Lands.

Welcome to Soulbound.

This weekend is a great time to join a roleplaying server. If you’re interested in being apart of our growing community, check us out.

This is an awesome server!

Been playing on it for a few weeks and I could have chosen a better server. The players are friendly and lively. There seems to be active RP events, either player or staff driven, almost every night.

Dreamer the server owner is constantly making life for everyone inside a wonderful place to be.

Come join us for some fun immersive roleplaying and adventure.

Inns, brothels, custom dungeons, an arena, a few hubs/towns, this server is hardly a month old and it seems to have everything. I am loving that I got in early and am part of it growth and development

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Love this server. Active RP, original quests, player-owned public centers (Taverns, Inns, Brothels, etc), PvP if you want it (via constructive RP or in a Colosseum), some original lore here and there, and some very creative player-characters.

The server is run by experienced builders, who’ve been around. Admins are cool :sunglasses: , helpful, and friendly.

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask about the rules I read on Discord. If not, let me know and I’ll delete my question.

I was wondering about the build rules: when it says X stories high, how tall is a story? Is it 1 wall or 2 walls high?

1 story equals 1 wall

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Thank you for the quick reply.

This is a shameless bump to tell you that we’re still here and still growing. Lots of new things are being added, and this is a great time to join.

Some really good server ad right here. I hope it is alright to share a link to this threat on the fan discord. I feel that more people should see it :heart_eyes:

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Yup! I’d be very happy if you shared us, Narelle. :heart_eyes: