Sound FX shifted?

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Region: US

Sound FX made by my character and NPC’s sound like they have been shifted.

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  1. Launch Conan and enter a game.
  2. Run, Jump do anything that makes sounds.
  3. —>Sound FX only come from the left ear.
  4. Do anything engaging (Set off explosives, Engage an enemy while listening to the sound FX)
  5. —>The direction of the sound is off.

I have a surround sound headset. I’ve checked everything in windows, downloaded the latest firmware for the headset, tested sound through each ear individually. This happens both online and in single players games. Voip is fine (which to be honest was my biggest scare was going to be broken when this first happened), music is fine, everything else is fine, but it sounds like my characters head is shifted to the left of my screen for character and npc sound fx.

I’m open to any and all suggestions on how to fix this if its not bug related.

Hey @calliecakez

We’ll poke QA to run a few tests and see if it’s an issue on our end first.
Thanks for the heads-up.

Just to give an update. I found a work around. I think it might be something from windows and their most recent updates. I bought dolby atoms and it’s seemed to have fixed the issue as well as setting my sound to spartial.

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Thanks for the update @calliecakez, we’ll keep an eye for future reports about this issue and let people know about this workaround. :slight_smile:

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