South America needs more servers urgently (pc) latinoamerica se manifiesta!

Hi. I have the game from the beta and look at all the development problems. Today, the day of the launch, I realize that as a company, it does not take into account its clients as it should. I feel very upset! because they do not solve a big problem. I leave you with a little culture so that you are not ignorant. “South America is currently made up of a group of twelve countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela.” 12 countries and there are only a couple of servers … is not something stupid?
We are a group of 6 people trying to enter a server in our locality, but it becomes difficult with the 40/40 servers … On the other hand, we (my clan and I) also discuss the rental of a dedicated server, but his partner g-portal. :rage:com does not offer Conan Server for South America. So what is the solution? Can I have my money back? I do not intend to wait 1 week or days by mistake of yourselves as a company … apply 70 player servers. It is a “Sanbox” game and many people play with 5 to 10 player friends. I need a response quickly

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