Spawning in issues on starting testlive client

While I have seen many people complain of spawning into the world before their base spawns in, I have never actually experienced it until now. Every time I log into the current testlive client, my test character appears before their base - the result on this occasion was arriving sunk up to her waist in the building. This seems to me to be evidence of performance issues being made worse rather than better, since (as mentioned) I have never previously experienced this, and my hardware hasn’t changed.


I can confirm this as my test base seemed to take a very long time to spawn in, the base has a fairly small foot print too and my PC equipment has not changed in any way but this is the first time I have had it happened for me as well.

Also my thrall did not spawn right in , he was invisible as shown in the picture for almost 2 minutes both him and the dancer which stands on left of him before they were solid again. Thought I might have to call ghost busters.


Here’s mine:

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Seems there’s a few of us experiencing this (I’ve also heard from at least one other) - all never having had these problems before.

I really hope Funcom will pay serious attention to the fact that players appear to be getting worse performance after this patch than before.

Can confirm that this issue remains on latest testlive version (again, wasn’t in patch notes, so wasn’t expected to change, just wanted to keep the report thread up to date).

This time I spawned in actually completely buried in a foundation (see screenshot below) - I was able to free myself by hitting jump and move buttons several times to ‘climb’ free, but this issue still concerns me.

As mentioned above, I (and others) have never experienced this issue before and, while it may not be particularly serious in it’s own right, it seems likely that it indicates other performance problems not yet being encountered.

My machine is within the ‘Recommended specs’ for the game and I am concerned that, if I am having problems, those on lower specced machines (closer to the minimum required) may experience significantly worse. Whatever is causing this may also be a serious concern for consoles once these updates reach that stage.

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Just to add that today’s login was even slower than previous and resulted in the character falling through two floors - into the water below. Not massively important, but if (as I sometimes do) I had booted the game and then left the room while waiting (knowing that I would be safe within my base), then the character would have drowned - which wouldn’t be a great start to a play session.

As I’ve noted elsewhere, none of this is necessarily something that matters in it’s own right - but it does seem to suggest that performance is considerably worse than before.

Hey @DanQuixote, thanks for bringing this matter to our attention. We’ll forward it to our team.


Thank you @Mayra :slight_smile: Can I suggest that you also connect it to the linked thread ‘Ongoing performance issues with current testlive’ - as Papatango’s investigations in that thread seem (to my untrained eye) like they may provide the team with some clues.

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Awesome, thanks for the support @DanQuixote, we’ll attach that thread as well :wink:

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