Spiral staircases

I would love if Spiral staircases were added.
Even better if they can be used with triangle floor wedges in round towers


While there is technically a way to build a spiral staircase inside or outside a tower, I agree that a Spiral Staircase Building piece would be beneficial. -And not impossible to incorporate (similar to Gateway Building pieces actually).

The Staircase:
spiral staircase map1 hexagon

The staircase itself would require multiple blocks (ceiling or foundations) to be placed and stretch at least 2 stories high, for headroom (Gateways require 3 foundations wide and stand 4 or 5 stories). The circle on image would represent the staircase diameter limit as to prevent overlap with other building pieces.

Why Beneficial:
I’ve made plenty of towers, all of them end up being larger than I particularly desire simple so I can include a staircase in one; then make the rest symmetrical. -And if you have a large tower, the building needs to be larger to offset the scale.

Simply put, spiral staircases are space savers, that is how they were designed. I’ve seen many posts about build sizes and block count being far more than necessary in . Some for practicality (building a hack of a spiral staircase) others just to claim land. While this doesn’t help with the later, it would allow for smaller, more concise access towers.

Not to mention the awesome aesthetics of a spiral staircase! :smiley:


Great idea! This should definitely be a thing. It’s ironic that for a while the only staircase in Ark was a spiral one but they had no triangle wedges so you couldn’t really make roundish towers (this has since changed). In Conan we had the wedges, but no dedicated spiral staircase to use with them. This makes it awfully hard to put stairs in any tower that uses wedges in the foundation.

And I agree with Rigel that these would be a space safer as well as aesthetically awesome. I just built a castle that has (among others) four Hexagonal towers made from six wedges. They are practically useless accept for looks because I can’t put any stairs in them. So they just have a small room at the base and a really high ceiling. With spiral stairs they could function as great access towers freeing up space in my larger interior tower where I actually had to build the stairs.

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