Sprint keybinding

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Other players have their horse and normal sprints set the the same keybindings. However I can’t seem to do that. I have no idea why they can do it and I can’t

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  1. I have no clue

Hello @Anglinex, could you please try to press the Restore Defaults button and then attempt re-assigning the intended keybinding?


This worked for me. Prior to the last patch, I had to manually edit my key bindings file to get the horse keys to match up with my regular “on foot” keys. After restoring to defaults and then setting all my key bindings to how I wanted, it worked just fine.

Didn’t work. I still can’t set them to be the same key. However resetting the keys to default has made me lose a keybinding. I used to hit “B” to see the player list and now it wont work. I can’t find the setting for it.

We’ll relay this information to the developers, thank you for reporting back.

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