Sprinting bug ps5 single player

So this is a new one, found out there was a dive button (circle) n well was messing about with it and now all of a sudden i cant sprint, only way i can sprint sometimes is if i crouch then press sprint and crouch button together, will start sprinting but if i dont push the stick forwards to move i still lose stamina as if im sprinting even though im standing still. Tried remapping the controls but it makes no difference, try quiting to main menu n jumping back in but its the same, pffffff this game man i swear, was only playing for an hr cuz ya know, thats all the game will allow me to play before it crashes, n ive maneged to break it even more. Brilliant

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Right, fixed it. Had to close application whilst in game, seemed to have corrected it self. Note to self, dont dive down stairs for fun. Still crashes every hr though


There is actually a sprinting bug in the game, but i didn’t knew that it expands and reforms through the sessions.
For example on my official server the other day i was playing full encumbrance build.
In the way a lasting feast existed in a chest and of course i eat it. After this my sprinting behavior changed. First i couldn’t run or dodge and when i was equipping the weapon i could run without loosing stamina at all.

This weird behavior can happen if you are overencumbered, you play full encumbrance build and you consume any food that provides extra encumbrance!

I have been have some odd things happen with Sprinting recently.

I haven’t stopped to pay attention as to the how, but frequently during my game sessions I will be sprinting, stamina will deplete, I will stop sprinting, stamina refills, and I can start sprinting again.

At some point I stay in full on sprint, and my stamina bar does not decrease at all.
This persists until I stop sprinting, then things are back to normal.

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