Sprinting is glitching AGAIN

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server name: 8080

Bug Description:

Sprinting is glitched, AGAIN. I’ve noticed this since the hot fix recently. L3 does NOT initiate sprint BUT does decrease stamina. Sometimes equipping a weapon causes sprint, regardless of L3 push except a bow, unequipping a bow causes the sprint… go figure. Could also be that any additional user action triggers the sprint to work, as another player mentioned pressing jump will engage sprint. Happening every time the last few days, even after log off/in. As you can imagine, this unintentional glitch is rather frustrating in the middle of battles with tougher & multiple NPCs.

ADDENDUM: the sprinting glitch seemed to disappear for about a week in early Feb but is now back.

And how about the dead NPC names still in German….

Bug Reproduction:

Happens constantly during regular gameplay whether just exploring or in combat.


Just out of curiosity, is your left stick deadzone set all the way to minimum? Not that it would necessarily be the problem, its just that one update ago, it was higher than minimum for me and I had all kinds of movement issues. I set it back to min and everything was happy again.


Thank you, I will definitely check that setting on PS5. I haven’t changed anything like that but you never what the gremlins do.


Yeah I use a ps5 controller with pc and that setting change caught me off guard. Dont know if its your problem or not, but I remember it sucked bad…

Checked controller setting & restored all to default. I think one R stick value wasn’t default for whatever reason.
Does NOT seem to have fixed the sprint glitch.
Thank you for the suggestion in any case.

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Now, check if you don’t have controller drifting, just in case, @Catspaw . Those settings are there for a reason. You don’t want to put down your controller, go take a leak, only to come back and find your character dead because he accidentally went where he shouldn’t have on his own. :smile:

If I dont have left stick deadzone set to min, my horse wont drift corners… he gets super cautious and slow like he just ate a load of beef-a-rino

I immediately went to check your suggestion, because you don’t speak without good reason, @darthphysicist . Set it to the min, just in case, because this is a brand new controller, but I must confess I get a little nervous when I go AFK. We never know when we start having controller drifr and these new ps5 controllers don’t have a very good reputation in that regard…
Just pay attention if the character starts moving on its own. :smile:

Edit: the forum is going wild. It registers 2! edits when I just corrected a typo right after posting! :smile:


Thank you for the suggestions but so far I haven’t noticed any drifting of that sort while AFK. My character just stands in one spot & then camera rotation begins.
I will remember to check controller settings on my PS5 frequently though :+1:t3:

I had some drifting ps4 controllers but my two ps5 controllers have been good since release. Maybe they improved the design.

I only had one controller that gave me that problem, but I abused it like it was indestructible! :smile:
It had many hours of play on it. The materials wear out from usage. If you don’t play many hours in fast paced games, don’t expect problems for like a year. If you play a lot, you can melt a controller in a few months.

The controller is definitely not the cause of the sprinting glitch I’m having. When I press down on L3 it immediately starts draining stamina just like when I’m sprinting BUT my speed doesn’t increase unless I jump or equip/unequip a weapon. Bit annnoying in the middle of mass battle.
Oddly the glitch disappeared on this server for a couple weeks then came back. :roll_eyes: And my horse gallops as per usual.

I’m going to open mine and clean it, the joysticks. It’s vary annoying.

P.S. tried cleaning it. no go

I’m very happy to say that the sprinting glitch on PvE 8080 seems to be now gone. Noticed last night & checked again today (Mar 3).

Thank you Funcom troopers… “…and there was much rejoicing in the village!”

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