Stackackle Night-Eye Potions

Night-eye potions (from Jhebel Sag) are not stackable. Other potions are. Please make these ones stackable too.


Right would be amazing have those stack like regular potions.

If you would like to Stackable, it would be much easier and balanced to other potions.

I’ll put this down in our bug reports in case this isn’t intended. Thanks!


To support the idea that it’s a bug, the accuracy potions (from the same altar) do stack.


Soooo I can confirm from devs, that is actually by design and not a bug.
Sorry for the confusion on this ya’ll. :grimacing:

This is a strange decision, and I just cant seem to understand it… :thinking: The Night-eye potions arent something which offers a large buff, or is overpowered. So why then make it needlessly cumbersome from an inventory standpoint? It is something which offers a much needed and practical benefit. Not only that, but there has been so many calls for handsfree portable lighting, or more options to let us see in the dark. I feel that if anything it should have a larger stack size than other potions for the aforementioned reasons. We have just increased the stack size for numerous other items (example- 1000 for stone and wood) in the upcoming ‘Quality of Life’ patch, so why not increase it for the Night-eye potion…!? I wish to re-affirm support for the original post by Bremen, and kindly ask that this be ammended, and that Night-eye potions be made stackable too.


Maybe the reason they don’t stack is so that they don’t overshadow torches too much. This is one of the few games I’ve seen in recent years where torches and the like are actually useful.

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Not everything is meant to be used all the time. Stack-able night eye would just eliminate some of the survival of how dark it gets on Conan. At that point, just make nights permanently look as if the night eye potion is being used for everyone, and just remove them from the game. Carrying 10 night eyes would cover a 12 hour game session. So if they are stack-able, another notch to non-survival game this becomes.

They’re not stackable because of PvP, think about that, being stackable no one would ever carry a torch again.

Ok yeah, I am starting to see the reasoning behind this decision now. However, I just still dont agree with the logic behind it. Well at least not entirely. The irony of my argument is that I generally only carry one, maybe two at a time. I would prefer the torch as a lighting source over the Night-eye potion on any given day. The torch does a better job of lighting up the surrounding area. Whereas the Night-eye potion only ‘reduces the darkness’ by a few shades. It definately doesnt do as good a job as the torch. For this reason, and the fact it also generates visual bugs everytime I use it, I only use Night-eye potions is if I am dragging a thrall back to base.

I disagree with this. Running off cliffs and plummeting to your death while towing a thrall, because you cant hold a torch in your opposite hand doesnt constitute good or creative survival. Neither does accidentally hitting and killing the unconscious thrall while blindly swinging a two-handed weapon at enemies, because they cant be used in conjunction with a light source (ie the torch).

Again I disagree with this logic. Players can already carry 10 potions at any one given time. Currently the only difference is that they take up 10 squares instead of 1, all this does is create more hastles navigating through the inventory.

A portable lighting source which doesnt require the hands to be held, for example fastened to a belt, is one of the most frequently requested items for CE. This doesnt equate to non-survival, just quality of life and less grind.


That makes no sense. The only issue is the slight inconvenience; they don’t weigh any more, and it’s not as if anyone runs out of inventory slots. You can easily hold 10 of them (or more).

The only real effect is requiring us to fill chests of them while leveling our altars. It’s stupid.

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Yes, it makes sense since you have to put it on the hotbar to use it if you are fighting, if you have in your bag, you will have to stop and open to drink it, and that on mid-encounter pvp, can mean a death sentence, thats why you can’t stack, have it on hotbar for an emergency, or carry lots on several slots, no easy way on survival, adapt.

The potions last like 10 minutes, basically an entire night. You’re not going to have to drink one mid-combat (and if you are, at most one, so it would just take two slots).

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