Stacked Buffs and Warpaints

Something which you guys may find interesting and something which I am not sure is intended:

Elixir of Might +3 str / + 3 str warpaint = 6 str

Elixir of Might +3 str / + 3 str warpaint / +4 buff book = 7 str (book replaced the elixir)

If you use +3 elixir or +3 from the cooked catfish, it will overwrite the book effect and you will be back to +6 str. So 1 consumable + 1 warpaint

What I have noticed is that after removing the bracelet and respawning at my bed, I lost the buffs from books/elixirs/fish BUT I kept the war str paint o.O

Funcom, is this intended? It is intended, riiiight :slight_smile:


BUT: Accuracy +3 paint /+5 hunter /+4 book = +12 (if you apply them in this order only) :slight_smile:

If you apply +3 paint / +4 book / +5 hunter in this order, you end up with:


Warpaints did the same thing in the patch that brought buff fish. Seems like they’ve rebroken something there maybe. There were issues of persisting thru death

Intended right lol

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