What about the buffs ?:)

Hay barbarians!
Iam asking me if there are more effective buff instead of buff fishes? And easy to get ( not like the buff books out of the warmaker dungeon )

You can get buffs from potions as well but I wouldn’t say that they are better than the fishes except for the one for accuracy (Hunter’s potion):


For +3 vit/+3 str you can consume alcoholic beverages or red lotus powder (5 in a row to get both buffs), but you will also get debuffs that you don’t have to worry about with the fishes.


Totally covered, totally agree :+1:. Still did we mention the war paint buff?

Plus i forget to mention that when you are new in the game the easiest buff is the alcohol buff . If you unlock the recipe of brewing stand, 5 drinks in a row will make you tottaly drunk. When you recover you will have increased vitality and strength. Still if you are low level for brewing stand farming the sinners refuge, fire water is a common drop. Plus there are disses for buffs as well. For example rhino head soup gives you Xtra encumbrance.

Yeah I know , we play since a while but Iam asking me if there are buff that gives more then +3

Also buffs from fish or potions can stack with the buffs from warpaints!

I think that if you combine the buffs you will get Xtra. I fix always the grit warpaint and i use the strangely familiar axe and the fishes. So i take all the buffs. I am a farmer, all most all the time over encumbered, so i need Xtra grit. I fix my attributes on 2 perks and when i use them all i go over the third perk.

But dont forgot, you can buff your pet with the right food too.

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