Stamina buff overwriting

Game mode : Single-player
Type of issue : Bug
Mods? : No
Edition : Steam

Bug Description:

The stamina buff you get from having thirst meter to 100 overwrite the stamina buff from the Elixir of Freedom crafted at the Derketo’s altar but the the other way around does not. You have to wait for the potion effect to end before drinking it again as you still have the buff displayed even tho it’s “nullified”.

Steps to Reproduce :

  1. Drink the Elixir of Freedom.
  2. Drink to full thirst meter.
  3. The 8 stamina buff given by being full thirst overwrite the 20 stamina buff given by the Elixir of Freedom.
  4. Drink Elixir of Freedom gain.
  5. Elixir of Freedom does not overwrite 100 thirst stamina buff.

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