Stamina on exhaustion delay is not .1 seconds

Game mode (Multiplayer)
Server: Public Test Server PVE - NA
Game type (PvE)
TestLive client (Steam, Age of War)

Continuing the discussion from Public Beta Client - Age of War Chapter 1 Update (2023.05.23):

Issue: reading through the patch notes right under the line for “stamina regen delay on consume” is “stamina regen on exhaustion” which should be .1 seconds. I didn’t realize when I made the below linked topic that this was unintentional because the stamina delay after exhaustion is much longer than .1 seconds.

Steps to replicate:

  1. With 100 stam and heavy armor on run out of stamina
  2. Wait over 2 seconds for stamina to start regenerating
  3. Using deep sciences deduce that 2 seconds and longer than .1 seconds

No it’s not, as long as you move your character and don’t stay locked in the animation.
If you run out of stamina while swinging your weapon and you just stay there - you are still locked in your combo window, but if you move or jump or do anything… your stamina instantly starts regenerating.

Here’s a lovely demonstration by SirDaveWolf :smiley:

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In the video you posted that character has near 180 stam, light armor and green weight which means .4 or less stamina regen delay as posted in the linked topic I made.

The issue is that this number which should just be .1 as stated in the patch notes is scaling based on three factors. Armor class, stamina max and weight level

From my video editor: I started running at 2.9 seconds into the clip, stamina regen starts at 4.56 seconds.
100 stamina character wearing heavy armor

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