Star Metal Asteroid Drops are way to long (PS4 Official)

Servers atleast like Official server #3651 PvP - g-portal. (Cant put links??? Putting server address ) us on PS4 have crazy Star Metal Drop times, I have waited and still wating almost 4 hours now on SkyRidge Falls for any asteroids and nothing still, there needs a time reduction because I can’t be sitting around for hours for nothing, atleast on this server , need need an admin to see that it needs higher drop chance, because barely any players have Star Metal to do anything. Yesterday I waited 6 hours and got only a single Star Metal rock , other than that , not a single one .

I find if I map room to frozen north and go south I can usually find a few but it is a rare drop… And without a few map rooms to bounce around it is really hard to get sometimes…

As I run south from the frozen north obilisk towards the lookout stand on the ledges where the statues are, I really find sometimes you have to walk the ground from north to south and sometimes back north then for some reason if I map room back to frozen north I find some on the ledges near the big statues…

There are sometimes where it really seems to not want to spawn though

Every 2 hrs there is a chance a meteor shower could happen, if a shower doesnt happen it increases the chance of it happening by 2% when the next 2hr interval comes. There is a very high chance of a meteor shower after every reset, so if an admin can reset ur server thats how u can pretty much force spawn a meteor shower.

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Mhm i see , ooh so whenever server does a restart for the night so it can run better , a meter shower starts?!

Yeah, I sit on Skyfall Ridge for hours, only for 1 …

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