Star metal weapons are cool. how about other color gems?

Star metal weapons look very cool as we swing, ride along, or just hanging on the wall.

I’d like to request other gems or metal be added to the game that would make the weapons have different color glows. red, green, black-ish, whatever.

it’d definitely be sexy




This is such a simple but elegant and artistic way of distinguishing yourself from others that has precedent in radium. I wish I could give more than one heart.

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Can weapons be “dyed”? I’ve never actually thought to try it, but if they can’t then making that possible would be one way to handle different colour glow, as well as opening up further individualisation of all weapons.

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Dying can happen but it can take time to do also it’s not a priority right now also on the list is building pieces too which
I want all of that so I can have a black and red castle and black and red swords and sheilds and we’ll I larder got the armor :joy: but they know it’s something we want but it’s not a priority

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