Star ore is not falling

Hello Community & Developers,

I am running a small G-Portal server for our clan.

We have two mods; Kerozard’s Paragon Leveling ^ LTs_Compass.

I am over 50 and the only PC skills I have is BASIC language of the ol’ TRS80s, and an old old version of Fortran. Point is most issues go over my head and require lots of troubleshooting in the dark.

We saw star falls prior to level 60 but since most of us have passed this level (mod) we don’t see any star falls nor do we find any lying about near Skyfall Ridge & surrounding nearby lands. Ever.

So is the game code lookin’ for a “if characters are level 60 then trigger Star Fall” type of thing?

If so being a level integer above 60 might make us “invisible” level wise to the code/script.

So, IF this is our problem how would I get into the game files to deal with this?

I know I am throwing punches in the dark here but my players are frustrated and removing Kerozard’s mod at this point would probably have dire consequences on our character save.db

Thanks for your time,

Steam: Oldwolf

Read here:

There’s been a change in star metal drops.

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