Staying in game when logged out (Please address funcom)

I know, the chance of funcom addressing my statement is low, and this may be a waste of time… but before i go bat **** crazy on review channels and live streams, its best that i try the official channels of communication first… that way, i’m more credible :slight_smile:

I also understand that comunity managers have limited powers to talk on some subjects, so i dont blame them… anyways…

We have had bodies staying in games disabled on offical severs before, when there was an issue. so this is nothing new. I wondering why, with the current bugs and crashed, its not disabled again?

I understand that it part of the game, that you should have to get safe before login off, or that you can’t just log out in a fight to protect ours self. That’s fair… but what is not is;

I’m on and official sever, not once died to a player or monster on this server and have a good 250 hours on it, yes i’m that good :slight_smile:

It’s an active server and during raid times and the hours leading up and after, the server is always full. Took me a good 45 mins today, waiting, to get a spot on the sever, and that was an hour before raid time.

So i running around, got some loot to take home to may base, and i use a map room… BAM! crash. This sort of crash can happen anywhere, its a load error that the team has not properly captured and they let the game crsh out ><

Its not a new bug, and i have reported it over and over, for a good 2 maybe 3 months… its still their. I understand, the team had a holiday, i understand it takes time to create a proper fix. I’m fine with that but why then, when its a known issue, that leaves your player vulnerable, due to a crash, have you not disabled ‘players stay in game’… until the game is more stable

I crashed out, and was lucky i managed to get back in within 10 mins of hammering the button. I was about to die when i logged in, about to die on a obelisk like a nice little loot pile of epic amours and legendary weapons, with stack of steal, for anyone lucky enough to teleport to the same place.

Why should i lose out to a game braking error? What is the benefit of this? what is it adding to game play?

I know it makes me think twice about going out in any good armour if the server is full, because i may die from a crash. It’s this how i meant to play the game? or is crashing out and dying part of the game?

Funcom, if you have the balls, please explain your reasoning.

I hope its not a case of… ‘‘well the game developers envisaged people stating in game, and we like the idea, so sod the problem it stays’’ (oh i have met them types, pure idiots :P)

Anyone else reading this that agrees with the issue raise, and that players staying in game should be disabled until the game is more stable, please chime in… or even if you disagree, would love to hear why.

I don’t think funcom staff will even look at this post unless it get some activity (maybe its only me that gives a dam, in that case, oh well :stuck_out_tongue: )


As soon as you called people idiots you lost my support . Deal with it or don’t. Up to you.


confilictue: fair enough. just a bit ticked of by now. but standard have dropped over the last few years (over a lot of games) and i have seen games go down hill because some people will put their idea of a good thing over the results… not sure what you would call that.

Shadoza: Well, when you have tried doing it the nice way for so long, its upsetting. I’m not one to brown nose, so if issues are not dealt with, I will express the feels. A lot of people have been ignored , when razing issues. Sometimes when all else fails you have to try the last ammo in your bag.

This is a trend on forum, The first few post are against the OP if the OP is bringing up something that points out issues with the game. This normally , either makes the OP back down, or stops other people willing to post because they don’t wanna stand out.

I have made posts , nice an calm in the past, reasonable as i can be and they get no notice (Even though they have taken hours to write and produce, with videos to display the issue…Hours of work to be ignored! *1), seen it for others as well. So, if the action of the community manager breed this sort of reaction… don’t jump to the defence of the company over the customer.

I like this game, and would rather an issue is addressed, else i will go on channels, who i am friend with, who i play conan with, and express the problems i have had. So when i say what i say, its just fair and truthful.

Both these poster have strangely (or maybe expected) been an attack on my character before addressing the issues i have raise. sure shadoza kinda added some input, but why was it so important to take down my character first? I think we know why.

SO Conflictus, you post to make me look stilly , and disregard my issues… very cool. that make you someway ‘better’ than me? you added your feeling about me, on how i spoke, and not the issue, which got you some likes, as… this is the world we live in, ‘shame’ them you do not wish to debate.

I will re-frame form calling anyone a possible idiot from now on, in case i offend them and get white knighted by proxy, by some moral Authority :slight_smile:

The games is a buggy mess at the moment, its a shame. even within 5 mins of logging on, i see a level 4 taskmaster, knock them out… they roll down a hill… not a problem. i got down to bind them and PING! thrall gone… don’t know where, probably wont re-spawn now, as it active still.

*1) what has been the response? to rename the forum to ‘player helping player’ e.g don’t expect anyone to read it but other player.

And let’s expand on my ‘calling’ someone an idiot and people seem to agree with you, that its bad :P…As I do get fed up with this attack on language

I hope its not a case of… ‘‘well the game developers envisaged people stating in game, and we like the idea, so sod the problem it stays’’ (oh i have met them types, pure idiots :P)

((’‘stating in game’’ should be ‘‘staying in game’’))

I say ‘I hope its tot the case’ So it’s a challenge to address my statements. This mean, they can simply address it, and invalidate the statement. If they choose to ignore my statement, it looks like they are yeilding to the statement.

Although I have not called anyone an idiot directly, I have used my knowledge of this course of action in development, and that I think such people are idiot… well, what else would you all them… what words am I allowed to use?

Seem that some people have a reaction to a social injustice that may have happened… That being I have insulted someone with not solid grounds too. No that not what I did. I have not yet called anyone at funcome an idiot, but it would be implied if they didn’t address my statements…

So, before people get all high and mighty. Think about what being said. Sorry to go on, but sometimes things need explaining which used to be common scene ><

So ‘’oh i have met them types, pure idiots :P’’ means, people that don’t listen to feed back are idiots… Should have said morons? Fools?

Sadly on a pvp server life is at risk if you crash out, more so than a PVP battle (well at lest for me).

one) you are a free target, not so bad on a server with a good player base, who don’t kill players laying out in the open, in a strange places.

two) weather conditions. I have seen that if you have vit 30, it’s not active when your logged out… the cold eats your face :stuck_out_tongue:

three) in my case. i was in a cold area with heat gear on, telporting into a desert where i would die from heat, be it heatstroke of thirst. As i can’t drink water, used my special shield or take of an item off clothing while logged out.

There seems to be more downside to remaining in game (at this time) than the risk of someone logging-out in a battle. (i guess they could patch in a 30 second stay in time, but rather they didn’t, just disable it till game is stable)

This problem is probaly more for solo players on a pvp server. They don’t have team mates around to put their stuff safe. Solo pvp is hard enough as it is, i like the challenge, but not the challenge of crashes.

Beeing stuck out of the server when its 40/40 due to crash, having to sit there and refresh thebuttn, in the hopes you can get back in and get safe, and not crash again, well its not fun.

If i knew i would not have remaind in the game, or for no more thant 30 second, i Would happy get on with something else.

I am forced to make the choice of trying to get back in, looking at and refreching a server list, in the hope i can get back in before i die Vs Chilling out and going ‘oh well it happens’ and doing somthing else.

do you play on official PvP server shadoZa and do you do it solo… if you don’t mind saying?

I agree it should be disabled for PvE since it’s pretty pointless.
As for PvP and PvE-C I’d like it to be disabled until the game and servers are more stable.
The server I play on most is PvE-C PS4 #3515 and it’s been crashing everyday for weeks now, I’ve lost some high-end gear as a result of the server instability. So as a result I stopped playing the game, I’ve been waiting for things to get fixed before considering coming back too it.

Now I just login to reset decay timers on my base and public map rooms, I’d rather be playing but I’ve had enough of this debacle.

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don’t understand what you are asking or why. sure i have a shelter and a bed, i have a base. cant walk there if i crash out of the server and its then full. Near and during raid times, the server is full with people waiting to get on. if you crash out, you may not get on for a while.

So, while you cant get back on, your character is left in the open to be looted.

Also, when it comes to higher end gear. its not so easy to replace. takes a lot of materials. Sure i have enough to replace my items a few times without having to farm more, but i would rather use my extra resources replacing items if i was to die against another player. Example being when it was 5v1 (i was solo, a different server,that one was a little toxic) in that case i did die a few times, and replaced my stuff.

As for Pvp servers being toxic, i would say that’s 50/50. and i’m lucky right now that the majority of players the the sever i’m on are grown up. It helps keep things civil. But also seen the same on Private servers that are PvP, one private server had more rules than game play (Down to what you could be named). some had admins that are on a power trip… so i feel saver on official servers, not worrying about wipes, or if i upset one of the Admins friends. Just wanna play the game :slight_smile:

I don’t think its good that a game punishes you for error/bugs with the game it’s self. If i die and its my fault, i’m fine with that.

At the moment, its a gamble if you going to crash out or not and die, and its out of control of the player.

Honestly, games crash, live with it. Thats how I see it. I have palyed many games and lost hours of gameplay its just the way of games.
At least in this game you only loose your stuff and not everything you did before the crash. In games like sim city, little big Planet and even skyrim you can loose EVERYTHING, and I have often.

In this game I plan for the worst so build safe havens (1 by 1 sandstone huts to sleep in) and store my belongings as I travel so if it crashes or I die then I only loose whats on my corpse.

I do however think there needs to be a system in place to prevent the players body from staying in the game unless you actively log out. It would be good if you were thrown out of the game without logging out, to spawn in either where you left off or even in the desert with all your belongings still on your person.

I have no idea if that is easy or hard to implement into a game but would think it could help a lot.

I think he was transporting them from one to another place. As he used the maproom and then crashed, he obviously would end up at that obelisk - outside of any shelter.

But yes. Random crashes being fixed would be totally awesome.

That would be a nice thing. Only on crashes or actual timeouts though. Obviously people could just switch their connection device off, but still…


to be fair. with the amount of crashes i bump into, nearly all are ‘loading in’ bugs (That can be captured in code and not hard crash) i don’t see why i should ‘live with it’. When they can disable a function until it’s fixed or like you suggest, something else put in place (but maybe not what you say as it will lead to combat logging, oops my cable fell out :P).

Now, i’m guessing your not really having a go at me, just telling my how its not as bad as some games… well yes, that it true, ‘‘back in the day’’ you could not even save your progress on a game (showing my age), and later on games could become easy corrupt on saving (Amiga checksum errors). Even completed turok for a kid i was baby sitting, who was ill at the time. they wanted all the weapons, i did it, and bam! save broke, all gone and did it all over again.

We should never ‘live with it’ else standard drop :frowning: As for lost progress on skyrim, not the same as an online PVP, where, it changes the balance of the game. in skyrim, at worse, you are back to your last good save.


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