Steam and Gamepass Coop Incompatible Versions

Game mode: Co-op
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Oceania
Mods?: Are mods installed: No
Edition: Steam | Game Pass

Steam Version: #334396/31660
PC XBOX Gamepass Version: #331486/31523

Bug Description:

When I try to invite an XBOX Gamepass PC player into my Coop game, the PC Gamepass player gets a message saying “The match you are trying to join is running an incompatible version of the game. Please try upgrading your game version.” Neither XBOX Gamepass nor the Microsoft Store says an update is available. I tried to restart both computers and signed out/signed in on both computers.

Was the PC Patch 2.6.1 (03.11.2021) released to XBOX Gamepass?

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Update both Gamepass and Steam versions of the game.
  2. Steam player incite XBOX Gamepass player to Coop game.

Re-install, only way to resolve it. This is most common when the installation is on a disc that isn’t C (and Conan Exiles is far from the only game).

I guess the “good news” is that Microsoft is beta testing a new app, hoping that resolves those issues.

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This was reported the other day on discord as well. The xbox player managed to update their game by repairing and reinstalling. They were using xbox app. The update is available to all PC platforms but the xbox app seems to have difficulties detecting it.

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Not installing on hdd C has nothing to do with it.

Mine is not updating from game pass since nov 3rd (last modification date). Already Installed on other two PCs (both on C) and it is still on build 31523. Many other game pass players have the same problem.

If you buy (ms store) the game instead of using the game pass version , you’ll get the new build to download (and also a version that won’t be blocked from enabling full nudity).

It seems that the update files for game pass version aren’t there to be pushed to game pass players.

Edit: Did another full install today and it finally downloaded the current version. It still won’t update a version 31523 (or older) install, which may indicate that the files for a “full game install” were updated for the pc game pass version this week (my last attempt was last week), but the files just to patch an older install weren’t.

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Thank you, everyone. I will reinstall the game and hopefully, that will fix the issue. It’s going to be annoying having to reinstall the game every time there is an update though.

Yes, it will be annoying. They’ve just deployed another update and again, no update files on game pass. That will be twice in a row.

Will try to reinstall this weekend if they don’t push the update files until then. A shame that it seems that we can’t take this to the ones managing the files.

Greetings everyone,

We apologize for having to reinstall Conan Exiles in order to get the latest update on the Game Pass version.

Our development team is currently working alongside the Microsoft team to figure out this issue.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we look into this.

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