Pc gamepass players cant join Steam players server's on conan

Players who own the gamepass version on conan exiles on their PC cant play with players that own the game on steam. When gamepass owners try join a steam players lobby it says the game is out of date and cant join which sucks for player who wanna play with their friends on conan without needing to buy a steam version of the game in order to play together

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Can you share what revision number you see when you’re in-game?
You can find it by accessing the menu while inside a server or on the main title screen.

We await your reply.

its an issue with microsoft’s update system. for some reason on gamepass pc you have to uninstall conan then reinstall for it to update. been like that for a long time. its a pita but as of now its the only way

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