Steam-Conan Exiles- Steam Live Services are Unresponsive

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: None
Mods: None

Bug Description:

On and Off this week I will recieve the “Steam Live Services are Unresponsive”. This can happen first launch of the day and last part or all of the day. This can happen after playing several hours and then logging out to do life things for a while and then come back to this bug/error. Recently I crashed while in combat 24 hours ago and have only gotten this error since.

I play a on a dedicated server I host on my network. I have to connect via the direct connection option when I am able to. I have restarted the server, removed all mods, changed ports this makes no difference to me with regarding this bug/error.

The other players have had no issues.

My personal PC has had a fresh install of windows, turned off AntiVirus and Firewall, once again no mods, tried the -tcp on Steam launch, running as admin, battleeye does nothing on/off/installed.

Bug Reproduction:

Start Conan Exiles Application, hit the “Launch” button on the launcher.

I can add to this that I will stop getting credit for Challenges, this is partnered with the challenge reset timer stuck at 19:51.

This happened at 10pm MST and resulted in a game crash. Now getting the original issue when attempting to log back in.

Is now happening every time. I have restarted both Steam and Conan Exiles. I am able to play other online games (ESO, SWTOR) and browse sites and stream media, so not a PC/internet issue.

Logged in about 11:30a went off to work on a challenge to kill wolves. I was able to kill 6 and stopped getting credit, challenges won’t reset and timer is stuck at 18h6m till reset, this happenend about 12p. I was able to stay in game before it crashed a little over an hour later. Trying to login is resulting in the Offline Mode box popping up, same tests, Conan Exiles is the only game with an issue.

Finally got an old laptop up to test on a different machine, it has the same issues as my primary PC. This is further evidence that there is a service that is having an issue with my account as it doesn’t stay with the machine.

Was able to log back on about 1:15p or so, went to do challenges again. I was able to get 9 kills in and stopped receiving credit. The time is now stuck at 16hr 16m, hit the refresh to try to reconnect and resulted in a crash. Now getting Offline Mode error again, on either machine.

Greetings Exile,

Please feel free to join the Admins united Discord server where you can find troubleshooting threads and other server admins that might have had the same issue:

We hope this helps! Have a great week!

Was able to log back on about 5:40p. I was able to knock out my challenges over the next 2 hours, some point after that the challenges stopped registering. I waited till about 9:30p or so to try the re-roll on the challenges to avoid the usual crash and it re-rolled with out issue.

10/17/22 Was able to login with out issue through out the day, still running into the challenges not counting and unable to turn in for the battle pass. Refreshing leads to the game crashing.

10/18/22 Exact same issue as yesterday. Did a refresh earlier in the evening about 7:30pish and getting the Offline Only response.

Today actually functioned as to what I consider “Normal”, no issue logging in, no challenges not giving credit. I logged off and on several times today as well.

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Ran well today up to the point of a server disconnect. After that we are back to Offline Mode error again. Seems like patch day restarted a service and resolved the error, but we are back with it again after a disconnect.

Last update on this.

Things are running fine and function as expected.

For those finding this thread, Devs never actually helped or responded to the issue.

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