Steam connectin failure

Private server running DedicatedServerLauncher v1.0.25.
Game Client Port 7777
Raw UDP Port 7778
Steam Query Port 27015
Rcon Port 25575

This hasn’t changed. Server was running successfully until yesterday. Updated the server this morning with the new Conan Update and now I get the following error:
LogOnline:Warning: STEAM: Steam connection failure.

Server is running successfully. Checked all ports are allowed via firewall.

Any suggestions?

I haven’t checked, but since you wrote this report, has Steam issues been resolved?

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I have no issued connecting to the steam client or playing any of my steam games. The CE server runs on a dedicated PC, separate from mine. Only the SteamCMD is running on the server.

There was a Steam Login issue today for about 4 hours. Not everyone was troubled by it, but something in the Steam client update today went wonky. It has been fine now for the last 4 hours.

Just tried and it’s working again now. Thanks Steam :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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