Steam updates incorrect?

I had a sudden computer reboot while playing TSWL and after the computer rebooted and I started TSWL, Steam wanted to update 6 GB.
After that, the TSW client started and it also wanted to update the patcher and some files. Now it says it’s ready to go.
I exit and make a copy of the entire game directory in case there’s another crash.
When I restart TSW, Steam again wants to update for 1 hour. I click “Show Updates” and it opens a page about the May-8 update which should have been updated/patched already (?)

At this time I’m just waiting for Steam to finish and see what happens, but all these updates in between a crash and trying to restart the game don’t make sense to me when at various stages it claims to update.

Update: After the Steam Update, I Launched the client and it again wanted to download the “latest patcher”, followed by more patching of local files.

I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having with your client. Are you trying to play TSW (classic) or SWL? If the patcher is updating indefinitely, then this could be a sign of interference from antivirus software or a firewall. You may want to temporarily disable any that you have running so that your patcher can finish. If you continue to have issues, then please create a tech support ticket at

Hi, it’s TSW Legends.
Patcher doesn’t update “indefinitely” – it does update. Just so many times by Steam and the client separately.

These aren’t things that exist, hence Umborls confusion.

The Secret World is not the same game as Secret World Legends from a Tech Support angle. For CS to help more they need to know which one you mean.

TSW Classic isn’t even available on Steam anymore…

I originally wanted to suggest turning off automatic updates in Steam and letting the SWL patcher handle it, but I checked and it looks like that’s no longer even an option.